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What is Numerology?

What is Numerology?

PostAuthor: Tylluan » Sun Dec 12, 2010 2:12 pm

There are numerous books and websites available on Numerology but this hopefully a beginner's guide and then you can take it as far as you want to. The information here is from the First Directions book by Sonia Ducie.

Numerology is the psychology, philosophy and science of numbers. It can be described as a study of the mind - where each number offers you insights into your psychological patterns. It is also a philosophy - it offers you deep insights into the realms of existence. Numerology can also be described as a science: one that can help you to solve certain problems or situations in your life or to explore your potential. Numbers influence your life in every way and Numerology can help you to understand more about life in general.

To practice Numerology you need to be able to add up simple numbers but you don't need to be a mathematician. Working out the numbers is only one part of Numerology, whilst using intuitive interpretation is another. Numerology is a method by which you can develop your intuition, as you learn to trust your response to the impression you get when you 'read' the numbers. When you have been working with numbers for a while you really get a feel for them and start to see the overall picture.

The Principles of Numerology

In Numerology all life is governed by the numbers 1 to 9. Any number above 9 can be added to form a single digit between 1 and 9. For example, if you are adding up the number 38, then 3 + 8 = 11, and 1 + 1 = 2, so the final number is 2.

Numerology is applied to your date of birth and your names. Each letter equates to a number which when totalled gives additional information about your life. From A - Z these add up from 1 to 26.

Each number has many qualities, strengths and weaknesses, and negative and positive influences are associated with each cycle 1 to 9. Negative influences or qualities do not mean that something is bad; they are weaknesses that are as important as your positive influences and strengths, because you can work on them to make them stronger. For example, if you have the influence of 4 in your chart you may be lazy. You may regard this as a negative quality, but by being aware of it you can start to take action (if you want to) to transform this quality into a strength.

You have a combination of positive and negative influences in your chart, and you use them to different degrees from day to day, and during different times of your life. For example, you may be a really positive person but because of a current situation you may display a majority of negative qualities or influences in your chart for a time.

Cycles and Trends

Everything in life works out at its own pace and rhythm; you have your own personal rhythm or cycles too, as indicated by the numbers in your chart. Numerologists believe we live out our lives in nine-year cycles. Getting to know your own numerological cycles can help you to fulfil the potential of all events and in all areas of your life.

The first six years of any of your nine-year cycles are related to physical experiences - you are out participating in life. Your seventh year is a year for bringing together the wisdom of the experiences in your previous six years. During your eighth year you re-evaluate your previous seven years and indeed, every nine-year cycle before that. Finally, in your ninth year, you are in a year of completing and beginning new ideas and situations. Often when you get to your eighth and ninth years of your cycle you may find there can be great changes in your life - these changes may be emotional, mental or spiritual as well as physical.

From your age number you can see what experiences may occur during your nine-year cycle.

Uses of Numerology

Numbers influence every area of our lives. You can use them on a personal level to gain greater clarity about yourself and your purpose in life. You can apply Numerology to find out more about your health, your career and your relationships and to highlight your talents and gifts.

Numerology can be used in the business world too. The name of your company and its birth date can be put into Numerological order to see its natural trends and cycles.

Numbers can also be added up to represent the important influences of you live in. For example, 2000 adds up to 2 and this 2 - the number for sharing, co-operation, balance and choice, will influence all the experiences that the world has this year.
May your summers and winters be short, springs be mild and autumn reaping plentiful.

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