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A Funny thing happened

A Funny thing happened

PostAuthor: A Hag » Tue Nov 05, 2013 10:56 pm

Over the past year or two I have been endeavouring to learn the Tarot. In aid to this I pick my card of the day, so as to contemplate as to its meaning and to see how it corresponds with happenings throughout the day.
To enable me to do this I shuffle my cards and as inferably happens after a while one card falls to the floor whilst shuffling, that is my card for the day.(on one occasion a card jumped out of the deck whilst shuffling in the first 2 seconds I looked at it quickly and put it back in the deck to give it a good shuffle thinking it was to early for the card after 30 seconds the same card fell to the floor so I got my act together and studied it).
Today though 4 cards feel to the floor and I thought to myself how do I deal with that? No thoughts where crossing my mind as I shuffled so not questions where springing up I was a blank canvas waiting for my card to fall out of the deck.
I placed them in order as they had hit the floor and decide to learn the four cards for that day as best I could. First out was the Devil. Second out was the Queen of Wands. Third was the 3 of Swords, fourth and final was the 5 of Cups.
I tried to see how the cards related to me but could see nothing for the Devil. The second card sprang to mind as being my dear friend Peter as I had said in the past he lightened a room when he entered it. Both he and his dear wife where diagnosed with cancer within two weeks of each other and I believed both where on top of it. So I hoped the last two cards meant nothing untoward.
An hour later I went to work. A colleague said to me jokingly that I was the man of the hour and I said to him for some reason yes that’s me the Queen of Wands. (I’m the man). An hour after that the same colleague said I had sold my soul to the devil. I don’t believe in coincidences so wondered as to if this was the meaning of the cards dropped this morning. I will find out as time goes on. :)

PS: I have been working away from home a lot and because of my snoring and her coughing my wife and I now sleep in separate rooms. So I called to be sure she was still happy with my working away and our relationship in case I had missed something but everything seems fine.
Funnily Peter called me 2 hours later and in discussion said everything was fine so perhaps it was just cards to be learnt in the end but at least I had a lot to think about.

I was wondering Has anybody else had the cards forcibly compound a point that needs to be got across in any strange way ????????????????? :)
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A Hag

May your Goddess and God go with you
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A Hag
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Re: A Funny thing happened

PostAuthor: Tylluan » Wed Nov 06, 2013 4:07 pm

What a fantastic tale to read! I'm afraid I know next to nothing about Tarot, it's one of my things on my list to learn but Helen, another one of the admins, is an endorsed reader, so she is probably the one to speak to. Either that or one of our lovely hedgewitches will be here soon to chip in. ;)

I hope you find out the answer to this, and I'm sorry to hear about your friends.
May your summers and winters be short, springs be mild and autumn reaping plentiful.

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Re: A Funny thing happened

PostAuthor: Skywalker (Deceased) » Thu Nov 07, 2013 7:35 pm

The cards certainly wanted your attention, but really important messages can take a long time to yield themselves up. I've waited months for the I Ching.

I suggest putting the reading aside; go on with your readings. Keep the cards in mind. In their own time, they will tell you what they hold for you.

Blessed Be

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Skywalker (Deceased)
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Re: A Funny thing happened

PostAuthor: OldOmen » Sat Jan 04, 2014 4:07 am

I do love when such things happen, it really helps build confidence in trusting in the cards.
One evening a friend and I pulled out one of my decks to do a reading. Through the night, the same card appeared 5 times, no matter how well we shuffled, there it was. At one point as the deck lay on the kitchen table behind me and as I walked over to my friend (no windows were open, wasn't near the edge, no vibrations strong enough to move the deck, no one was near the deck) we saw a card fall from the deck to the floor, you guessed it, the very same card.
Needless to say it was more than accurate for the events that unfolded the next few days.
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