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Number 9

Number 9

PostAuthor: Tylluan » Mon Dec 13, 2010 4:14 pm

Nine is the number for endings, new beginnings and transformation.

Syria, Ireland, Iraq

Famous 9s:
Mahatma Gandhi, Yoko Ono, Paul McCartney, Kevin Costner


Positive: With a 9 personality you are a very 'fair' person and you like to see justice done by everyone. You have a keen sense of judgement but you do not express these judgements to hurt or infringe on the behaviour of others.

You have your own definite beliefs about life, particularly on religious, political, social and environmental issues. You also have a powerful intellect which likes to be stimulated by learning about issues that concern the whole world because this helps to educate you.

You are a warm, open and friendly person who is interested in the welfare of others. You have an 'inner knowing' and you use your psychic abilities and your strong instincts.

You have a strong mind that helps to balance out your emotions when you are feeling sensitive. You like to fit in with everybody and for people to like you. You can be a conformist.

With a 9 you are an optimistic person who is adaptable to change. You are practical with enormous amounts of common sense.

You make a powerful teacher and people are often inspired to follow the example you set as a charitable human being.

Negative: With a 9 personality you are judgemental and you constantly criticise yourself and others. You like to feel superior and you can be highly sarcastic and unpleasant in your remarks at times. You can be prone to selfishness.

Sometimes you end up preaching at people rather than teaching them and you may come across as a know-it-all. You can be impractical at times and lack common sense.

With a 9 you may also find you lack the courage of your convictions and you may remain non-committal when people ask you to give your point of view.

You may be constantly seeking approval from your partner, friends and family. You may show a lack of understanding towards them when they are in difficult situations and feel resentment towards helping them at times.

With a 9 you can also be highly secretive and hold onto information that you hear, or knowledge that you gain, and use it for your own ends.

Life Path

Positive: With a 9 Life Path you are learning to develop selflessness and to care for humanity and the world. Selflessness means not thinking of yourself all the time and looking at the larger picture.

Negative: You may be extremely selfish with no interest in caring for people, or even possess a careless attitude towards the world in which your live.


Positive: With a 9 Wisdom Number your practical gift is the ability to discriminate about facts and life in a positive way.

Negative: You may be unable to discriminate about life and situations as you may be too emotional at times.

How the number 9 influences your:

Health: You are an open and relaxed person who takes life easy. You generally take good care of yourself. You are very sporty and you may enjoy competing in professional events. Swimming, tennis, rugby, football, polo ... you enjoy most things.

Relationships: You are idealistic and generally seek a partner to whom you can make a strong commitment. You are a moralistic person who may believe strongly in family values and the marriage ritual. You are passionate and a true, loving romantic.

Career: You may be a humanitarian, environmentalist or doctor. You can excel as a teacher. You may be an artist, musician, a great literary writer or academic, judge or diplomat.

Finance: When you are open to life you tend to attract money to you. You like saving your money for a rainy day. You are as likely to give your money to a charity or an environmental cause as you are to give it to your family.
May your summers and winters be short, springs be mild and autumn reaping plentiful.

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