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Number 8

Number 8

PostAuthor: Tylluan » Mon Dec 13, 2010 2:23 pm

Eight is the number for infinity, victory, karma and money.

Argentina, Poland, China, Alaska, Papua New Guinea, Greenland

Famous 8s:
Marlon Brando, Tatum O'Neil, Barbara Streisand, Shirley Bassey


Positive: With an 8 personality you have enormous amounts of energy, which you direct with your driving ambition towards your goals.

You work extremely hard and with your business flair can make a great success out of whatever goals you attempt. This can, and often does, bring you recognition or even fame.

You are a born organiser. You stride through life with force and direction. At other times you can be passive, when you have exhausted yourself, for example. You can be quite a serious person and you also take your responsibilities seriously. You like to re-evaluate your life and to take stock and weigh up other people and situations regularly.

You are practical, realistic and materialistic. You may have an abiding interest in money, fast cars and status and have a strong sexual identity.

You are a charming and magnetic person. You may be interested in spirituality which helps you to find inner happiness from the outer achievements in your life.

Negative: You are a stubborn person who, at times, likes to manipulate others and to get your own way. You are impatient and you can be very hard on yourself and on others. You can be bossy, aggressive, argumentative and even a bully at times.

You crave authority. You may be arrogant and flaunt your money, possessions or your partner in public to try to boost your self-esteem and make you look good.

You have a great need for recognition. You may be egotistical and conceited, particularly when you do achieve your goals.

You can be an intense and heavy person and you may be grumpy at times. Sometimes you can be deadly serious about life and you may take yourself deadly serious too.

When you don't succeed within certain areas of your life, you can experience great frustration. This lack of success can come about because you refuse to take stock of your life and look at what is happening around you.

Life Path

Positive: With an 8 Life Path you are learning to develop strength, to be an inspiration both to yourself and to others and to learn to handle power in a positive way.

Negative: With the 8 influencing your Life Path you can be weak and lack inspiration. You may feel powerless and unable to cope with life.


Positive: With the influence of the 8 in your Wisdom Number you have a practical gift of stamina and can go on and on in pursuit of goals.

Negative: Portraying the negative influences of the 8 in your Wisdom Number may mean you lack stamina or drive.

How the number 8 influences your:

Health: You are generally strong and robust. However, you work hard at life and can push yourself too far so that sometimes you become sick. For relaxation you may watch ballet, gymnastics or motor racing, all of which display control and power, which appeals to you.

Relationships: You are highly magnetic and you tend to attract to you successful, powerful people who have strong identities. Generally you require a partner to be able to stand on his or her own two feet and to be independent.

Career: Money is an important issue so a career as an accountant or in a financial institution would be ideal. You may also make a good lawyer, librarian, administrator or secretary.

Finance: You like to have pots of money sitting in the bank. With your driving ambition you can amply satisfy your needs, when you are prepared to work for them. Money gives you security and makes you feel powerful.
May your summers and winters be short, springs be mild and autumn reaping plentiful.

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