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Number 7

Number 7

PostAuthor: Tylluan » Mon Dec 13, 2010 2:00 pm

Number 7 is the number for rest, trust, fusion, magic and materialisation.

Sweden, Greece, Bolivia, Peru, Scotland, Philippines, Netherlands.

Famous 7s:
Lauren Bacall, Roger Moore, Marilyn Monroe, Bruce Lee


Positive: With a 7 personality you are highly intuitive and you may even be telepathic. You are a sensitive person.

You are methodical and very organised and you are also courteous. You are analytical and a perfectionist. You may pay great attention to detail and you are often fastidious in your appearance.

You are an introspective person who likes to take time to think and ponder on life. You are a private person and you may be a loner who needs your own space.

You can be dreamy and you have a vivid imagination. You love nature.

With the 7 you are an instigator with a practical ability to materialise things and make things happen at the drop of a hat. You project an air of wealth and even when you don't have pots of money in the bank, people think you do.

With a 7 you can also be very spiritual and have a keen interest in the 'New Age', its concepts and ideas.

Negative: With a 7 personality, you are prone to self-centredness. You can be too introspective at times and you often feel isolated, distant, disconnected from people and cut off from life. You can also be gloomy and negative about your life.

You are a dreamer. You may have a tendency to sit on the fence when opportunities come your way and watch them drift by. Alternatively, at times when you are grounded and down to earth, you can develop an overriding preoccupation with making money and material possessions.

Under the 7's influence you may be a difficult person who is picky and notices every little imperfection. You may also have an inferiority complex and never feel good enough at anything.

You often feel hypersensitive and emotionally vulnerable. At times when you are feeling sensitive you can be rude and hurtful to people. You can be naive and have a childlike view of the world, and can often be taken in by life and people.

Life Path

Positive: With a 7 influencing your Life Path you are learning to appreciate what you have and to appreciate life. You are also learning to trust yourself and to trust others and to find your own truth in life.

Negative: With a 7 Life Path you are impatient and distrusting of people and life. You may evade the truth or be untruthful and you may take life for granted and show a lack of appreciation towards others.


Positive: With a 7 Wisdom Number your practical gift is being able to visualise things very clearly. You are a visionary who has strong intuition and you often receive your guidance through visual dreams.

Negative: With a 7 influencing your Wisdom Number you are unable to see clearly or see through situations or people and do not follow your intuition or inner vision.

How the number 7 influences your:

Health: You are generally robust but as a result of your sensitive nature, your body can get out of balance quickly and you may get sick. You enjoy Tai Chi or gentle yoga which can help you to keep your delicate energies in balance.

Relationships: You are very choosy and will wait for the right person to come along before you settle down. You may overanalyse your relationships and constantly worry about what's not going right instead of appreciating what you have.

Career: You would excel as a recruitment officer, agent, teacher, healer, psychologist, philosopher or a producer. You may also be a city analyst, administrator, researcher, photographer, chemist or surgeon.

Finance: When you are grounded and down to earth you can materialise a small fortune with your strong mind and positive thoughts. When you are dreamy you may materialise little and what you do earn may slip through your fingers.
May your summers and winters be short, springs be mild and autumn reaping plentiful.

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