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Number 6

Number 6

PostAuthor: Tylluan » Mon Dec 13, 2010 11:27 am

Number 6 is the number for harmony, commitment, relationships, marriage and family.

Mexico, Thailand, Russia, New Zealand, Japan, Norway, Canada, Iran

Famous 6s:
Joan of Arc, George Michael, Howard Hughes


Positive: With a 6 personality your home is one of the most important aspects within your life, bringing you great joy and emotional security.

Family life is essential to your enjoyment of life. You enjoy being part of a group. You are a carer, who loves to look after and nurture people and you make a very good listener.

You are a loving, warm, generous person and you are good at giving. You are a highly perceptive and can see other peoples' needs. You are a crusader with a keen sense of justice.

You have a strong desire for the good things in life - good food and wine, fine art, harmonious music etc. You have an appreciation of beauty and aesthetics and you are sensitive to your environment.

You can be an idealist and perfectionist at times, but you also like to meander through life and just 'let yourself go'. You like to go deeply into life, in your relationships, at work etc. You find it relatively easy to commit yourself fully.

Negative: With a 6 personality you may resent your duties and resent looking after and caring for people.

You can be overgenerous and help everyone who comes your way. Perhaps you need to learn to say no sometimes and prevent yourself from becoming a willing doormat and being taken for granted. You may also be a moaning martyr who continues to help people, whilst letting the whole world know what a saint you are.

You can be interfering at times, and you may want to get overinvolved with peoples' lives, particularly emotionally. You may also be overemotional at times and very needy. When someone hurts you emotionally you may like to get your own back and even be vengeful at times.

You can go very deeply into life and may even develop obsessions about things - your work, your health, the way you look - or you may become obsessive about a person.

You are also prone to jealousy. Sometimes when you are jealous it is because you are not acknowledging your own gifts or seeing goodness within yourself.

Life Path

Positive: The main influences from 6 are your ability to take responsibility for the group (your family, community etc) and to recognise group needs. Also to use your wisdom to help yourself and others and to use your gift of healing. You are learning about all these qualities to help you with your life.

Negative: With a 6 Life Path, you may recognise others' needs but only be interested in getting your own needs met. You may find it difficult to take on family responsibilities or refuse to take on group responsibilities. You may feel uncomfortable sharing or using your wisdom to help heal yourself and others.


Positive: With a 6 Wisdom Number, you have a practical gift of tolerance which helps you to learn to live with people and accept life for what it is.

Negative: You may react to challenges by being intolerant and not accepting other people and their feelings as they are.

How the number 6 influences your:

Health: You are generally very aware of your diet - food is an important focus for you. Wholefoods or organic foods may feature strongly in your diet. You like the good life and you may be inclined to overindulge yourself in food.

Relationships: You like to get emotionally involved with your partner and to go deeply into relationships by making a commitment. You are one of nature's true romantics.

Career: You can make a good charity worker or community carer. You may succeed in the litigation field and can excel as a counsellor. You may work in the medical profession. You may also be a graphic artist, beautician, musician or singer, writer or a designer of any sort.

Finance: You earn money not simply for the sake of it but as a way of providing the good things in life. You are good at providing money to care for yourself but a part of you may also like someone else to provide money for you.
May your summers and winters be short, springs be mild and autumn reaping plentiful.

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