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Number 5

Number 5

PostAuthor: Tylluan » Mon Dec 13, 2010 11:07 am

Number 5 is the number for experimentation, language, concrete knowledge or facts and change.

Belgium, Wales, Spain, Sudan, Brazil, Saudi Arabia

Famous 5s:
Mick Jagger, Paul Simon, John Cleese, Donald Trump


Positive: With a 5 personality you have a fascination with life. You have an inquisitive mind and you are always asking lots of question. You thrive on change and new opportunities and you love to go with the flow.

You love to learn about different subjects and you have rounded up a little information about most things in life. To you "variety is the spice of life".

You also have energy and a zest for life. Life is an adventure and you go out looking for it, you may love bungee jumping, white water rafting, scuba diving and skiing.

With a 5 you are a highly magnetic or attractive person. You are popular and people are fascinated by you. You are also fascinated by them! You ooze charm and you enjoy flirting with everyone.

You are a spontaneous person and can be as changeable as the wind. You love travelling: new people, new lands, new situations, new life ... so much to see and so much to do ... non-stop.

Negative: With a 5 personality you can be extremely restless. When your life gets in a rut you are prone to making fast and sometimes irrational decisions, for example, walking out of your job or relationship.

Your impulsive nature can make you unreliable and unpredictable at times. You may be prone to stormy moods and verbal outbursts. You may also fear change. You may refuse to get on with life and procrastinate.

You are also prone to setting yourself restrictions. For example, you may say "I can only go out with somebody who has green eyes". You may be scared to open up to life and use restrictions as a safety net because it is overwhelming to realise there can so much choice.

You may sometimes be prone to addictions - chocolate, food, alcohol, drugs, sex, people etc. You may also be abusive to people and towards things, and you can be very pushy.

With a 5 you may lack energy, vitality and enthusiasm and lose your fascination for life at times.

Life Path

Positive: With your 5 Life Path, you are learning to express yourself through communication. Communication is important because it is the method by which you connect with others. You are also learning about commitment within all areas of your life. Another lesson is to learn about freedom. This may mean you need your freedom and you need to learn to allow others their freedom too.

Negative: With a 5 Life Path you may avoid commitment because you fear involvement or because you fee trapped and you think you may lose your freedom. You may be unable to enjoy the freedom to communicate with others.


Positive: With a 5 influencing your Wisdom Number, your practical gift is your clarity of mind. You can use this gift to help others get clarity in their lives too.

Negative: With a 5 Wisdom Number, you may experience mental confusion and, like a fog, be unable to see the way ahead clearly.

How the number 5 influences your:

Health: You are an active person and during times of illness you like to find out the facts and get any niggle about your health checked out. You love most forms of exercise but particularly skiing, swimming, tennis and riding.

Relationships: You are fun-loving, adventurous and lively and you may seek out a partner who shares the same zest for life. You may also like a partner who can offer you intellectual stimulation.

Career: You excel in anything related to the communications industry: public relations, marketing, sales, journalism, travel, computing etc. You can also make a brilliant investigator, manager, writer or even a dancer. You may be a teacher or you may work with languages.

Finance: Once you have learned to commit to life and to a career, you may earn plenty of money - and fast. However, you may also spend it as fast as you earn it. Nevertheless, you are magnetic and there is usually more where the last lot came from.
May your summers and winters be short, springs be mild and autumn reaping plentiful.

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