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Number 4

Number 4

PostAuthor: Tylluan » Mon Dec 13, 2010 10:19 am

Four is the number for foundations, grounding, system - law and order.

Italy, Myanmar, Columbia

Famous 4s:
The Dalai Lama, Richard Gere, Oprah Winfrey, Martina Navratilova


Positive: With a 4 personality you are someone who likes routine. For you, knowing your routine is going to be the same offers you great security and can help you to feel safe.

You are a home lover and a home maker. You like stability and you tend to think in terms of your long-term needs and future security. You enjoy material comforts and like to materialise things, bringing your ideas into form.

You are happy to work hard to provide the lifestyle you require. You are a highly capable and determined person and people know they can rely on you to follow through once you have made a commitment or promise. You make a loyal friend and although it may take you time to make friends, once you have established a rapport or bond then it's usually for life.

You are tactile and earthy. You enjoy being in the woods and mountains and you like to feel connected to the land. You can be passionate and creative and you are generally committed to your life and making it work.

Negative: With a 4 personality you may dislike monotony. It is one thing having a routine but it's another when life seems to drag on the same every day.

Change can be difficult for you to handle because whilst you may welcome a change, it can make you feel insecure and uncomfortable.

You may be a workaholic who hardly stops to eat. You may also be fearful about your long-term security at times. To compensate, you may develop an all-consuming preoccupation with material possessions, which you think can help you feel safe.

Alternatively, you may not wish to put your roots down or to consolidate your life and you may go through life with no real material security.

You may be lazy and unproductive at times, and you may lack the persistence to carry things through. You can also be very impractical.

You may find it difficult to form solid friendships or be unprepared to put effort into the ones you already have.

Life Path

Positive: With your 4 Life Path your main direction or lessons in life are to learn to take responsibility for yourself and to learn how to master endurance so that you can carry on no matter what. You are also learning to find satisfaction in the ordinariness of everyday life.

Negative: With a 4 influencing your Life Path you may display dissatisfaction within your life in general. You may be irresponsible and give up easily when challenges come your way.


Positive: With a 4 Wisdom Number, your practical gift is your ability to be able to consolidate your life. You can take what you have made of your life and build upon those experiences to make your life more solid.

Negative: The negative aspect of your 4 Wisdom Number means you may not be able to put your life down on paper or make it feel secure. Perhaps you do not have a firm base to work from.

How the number 4 influences your:

Health: You handle health problems in a practical way as you are a down-to-earth person. You simply get on with your life each day by doing the best you can to help yourself get better.

Relationships: When you have a steady relationship it helps you to feel safe and secure and you are willing to put in much effort towards maintaining that union. You like getting physical with your partner and enjoy the passion of creativity together.

Career: You seek work that can offer you long-term security. You may be a housekeeper, a herbalist, a farmer. You may be a builder, a security officer or work for an insurance or property company. Alternatively, you may work for a financial institution or be an accountant.

Finance: You are prepared to work hard for your money. You like buying material possessions but you also like saving money. You may like to invest money in property or 'secure' bonds which helps you to feel safe.
May your summers and winters be short, springs be mild and autumn reaping plentiful.

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