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Number 3

Number 3

PostAuthor: Tylluan » Sun Dec 12, 2010 10:28 pm

Number 3 is for expansion, moving forward, for protection and abundance.

Australia, Denmark, Luxembourg, Iceland, Vietnam, England, USA.

Famous 3s:
Katherine Hepburn, John Travolta, Barbara Walters.


Positive: With a 3 personality you are highly active both mentally and physically and are usually bright and intelligent. You are demonstrative and fun is a part of your everyday routine. You have a witty, well-developed sense of humour that makes you very attractive.

People like you because you have a sunny, easy-going nature that uplifts them. You are confident and outgoing, with an endless supply of free-flowing energy which you lavish on yourself and others. You just love social contact.

You may feel the most 'alive' in the great outdoors and may enjoy camping or activities like riding or trekking etc.

You may have a strong connection and interest in mysticism (covering any aspect of healing). You may also have strong religious beliefs.

When challenges arise in your life, you can usually cope really well because you simply take life in your stride.

Negative: With the 3 personality you may experience a great deal of mental confusion at times.

You may be an untidy person who often gets in a mess or leaves a mess behind you. For example, at home you can be messy but you may also find yourself in messy situations with relationships.

You may lead a chaotic life, rushing around and doing everything at once. You may lack the ability to focus on the important issues in your life and end up doing things in a superficial way. With a 3 you may also have a tendency to overwork or overdo things at times.

Sometimes, however, you can be so laid back, relaxed and carefree that you don't get around to doing very much. You may be scattered and lack boundaries or structure in your life.

You may suffer from a lack of confidence which may stop you from doing things at times. You can be highly critical of yourself and others.

With a 3 you may lose your sense of humour or your enthusiasm about your life.

Life Path

Positive: With the 3 Life Path, you are learning about self-expression and creativity. Self-expression can be through your emotions, through physical activity, through your work and through communicating. Your creativity greatly needs to be expressed and one way you may do this is by using your hands. You are also a flexible person who can adapt easily to changes in your life.

Negative: When you are strongly working through the negative elements of this number you may be unable to express yourself in one or many areas of your life. Your creativity may also be blocked. When your expressions and creativity are blocked it can affect every area of your life. You may not adapt easily to changing circumstances around you.


Positive: With a 3 influencing your Wisdom Number, your practical gift is a positive mind. Keeping your mind positive means you help to create positive events in your life and help keep others positive too.

Negative: You may be burdened with negative thoughts, which may prevent your life from flowing in the best possible way.

How the Number 3 influences your:

Health: Generally, you are relaxed and laid back. A relaxed attitude helps you avoid taking on too much stress in your life, because you let go of worrying. This in turn helps you to stay healthy in the long run.

Relationships: You are a 'good time babe' and you may generally enjoy superficial or brief encounters. However, when you feel it's time to commit yourself to a partner you will happily do so.

Career: A career that enables you to express your creativity appeals to you. You may be an artist, a chef, a gardener, a massage therapist or a writer. You may be involved with religion or mysticism or you may well be a comedian, entertainer, dancer or lecturer.

Finance: Number 3 has a strong association with abundance. When you have the potential for so much self-expression, and when all your energy and enthusiasm are channeled into positive creativity, money can simply flow.
May your summers and winters be short, springs be mild and autumn reaping plentiful.

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