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Number 2

Number 2

PostAuthor: Tylluan » Sun Dec 12, 2010 10:10 pm

Two is the number for balance and decision making.

France, Germany, Africa, Tibet, United Kingdom, Venezuela

Famous 2s:
HRH The Prince of Wales, Marvyn Gaye, Madonna, Phil Collins.


Positive: With a 2 personality you are highly sensitive and intuitive and have a gentle, quiet nature. You make a good listener.

You are able to nurture and take care of others and you love to love others. You can be passive, soft and even pliable and you do not get het up about unimportant issues. You are good at making decisions.

You are placid, stable and able to steady others when they have problems. You are able to see both points of view or both sides of an argument. You do not like to hurt people.

With a 2 personality you are tolerant and like sharing yourself with others. This can be sharing emotional exchange, sharing your possessions, sharing ideas, sharing your home and so on.

You often like to compare yourself to others. This happens naturally because you like to see how you can relate to them and how you can get along together.

You enjoy quiet pursuits and you may have musical gifts which you use for yourself or to bring happiness to others.

Negative: With a 2 personality you can be a cautious person who takes life very slowly (although at times you 'throw caution to the wind'). You may be fearful of making decisions.

You can be defensive and confrontational. You can also be highly disagreeable and awkward when you want to be, and you can be touchy at times.

You can be uncaring towards others and when they need you (especially emotionally) you may walk away.

You can be extremely moody and you are very good at sulking. With a 2 you can be covert with your actions and you may even be deceitful. You can also lack diplomacy and be tactless at times.

You can be highly uncooperative and you like to get your own way. You may also be unable and unwilling to share your life with others as you are still learning about give and take.

With a 2 you are always comparing yourselves to others, to see how you can make yourself feel as good or better than them.

Life Path

Positive: With a 2 Life Path you are learning to find balance within all areas of your life. You are working towards finding inner peace and calm, and learning to balance your emotions so that you have emotional stability.

Negative: There may be no sense of balance in your life. You may be emotionally weak, shaky or unbalanced. There may be general disharmony within your relationships as there is within yourself.


Positive: Your practical gift is the ability to share your love and wisdom with others; whether that be with those close to you, your community or the world at large.

Negative: You may be insensitive, uncaring and unable to share knowledge you have gained from your experiences with others.

How the Number 2 influences your:

Health: You are very aware about keeping a balance in your life and try to do this by taking physical exercise, eating healthily and getting plenty of sleep etc. You may be very interested in complementary medicine and healing.

Relationships: You are someone who is in love with being in love. You are warm, loving and giving and expect others to be the same. You may be emotionally demanding and over emotional at times.

Career: You would make a good judge or diplomat. You are an ideal 'middleman', agent or a mediator within any organisation or team. You would also feel at home as a counsellor and doing any community work or in the caring profession.

Finance: You can at times be overcautious with your money and hoard it. At other times you can be extravagant, particularly when pandering to your emotional needs. Having balanced emotions can help to keep your bank account balanced too.
May your summers and winters be short, springs be mild and autumn reaping plentiful.

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