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Number 1

Number 1

PostAuthor: Tylluan » Sun Dec 12, 2010 9:44 pm

One is the number for new beginnings, new life, new ways of doing things, new opportunities and new goals and it is also the number for destruction, for breaking down old patterns or old ways of doing things.

Israel, Turkey, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Caribbean.

Famous 1s

The late Diana, Princess of Wales. Sophia Loren. Jack Nicholson. Tom Wolfe.


Positive: With a 1 personality you are highly creative, with a driving ambition towards your goals. You exude energy and vitality and have staying power to go for what you want, with a get and go that makes you strive for more.

You enjoy intellectual stimulation and you enjoy learning; you need mental and physical challenges.

You can be compulsive about life and continue to do things just for the sake of it.. Equally, you are good at finding new things to do to stimulate your body and mind.

You can be a pioneer, who loves to climb mountains or to explore virgin territory, where you can be stimulated by new life and discover new things.

With a 1, you are a strong individual and you often feel the need to find your own sense of individuality. This may show itself in the way you dress, the work you do or the way you speak. You also enjoy your own company and love to do things on your own.

Negative: With a 1 personality you are a detached person and you may fear any kind of intimacy. You can also get 'stuck' emotionally and be unable or unwilling to relate to people. You can be extremely self-centred and you are very good at looking after number one.

Your ability to focus can be a problem when you get stuck on one thing and refuse to budge. The harder people try to dig you out of a rut, the more you may insist on digging your heels in.

With a 1 you can be withdrawn, lonely and self-pitying. You can be fearful about not being able to achieve your goals, which in itself can hold you back from trying. Alternatively, you can also be overpowering in your drive for your goals and you may 'walk all over people' who you think are holding you back.

You may be lacking in your own individuality and you may like to have others around you who are strong individuals. You can also feel challenged and threatened at times, when others assert their own individuality.

Life Path 1

Positive: With a 1 Life Path you are learning to work towards your independence. You are very directional and know where you are going from one moment to the next in your life. You are a born leader.

Negative: You may want to be led instead of taking the lead. You may be dependent, lost without direction or drive and want others to do things for you. You may be dictatorial and use your leadership in selfish ways that are only to your advantage.


Positive: With a 1 Wisdom Number you are able to bring in your practical gift of courage when breaking down old ways of doing things and have courage to face new situations. The number 1 is associated with the will and the strength of will to carry things forward on your own, and as an independent person. You have an ability to overcome obstacles and like to include everyone in your life and treat everybody equally.

Negative: You may be arrogant and exclude others, believing yourself to be superior. You may enjoy being destructive and use this for your own ends. You may withdraw as your line of defence.

How the One influences your:

Health: You enjoy physical exercise to help keep you fit and mentally alert, although you can become over focused and preoccupied with this too. At times you may resist exercise as you remain solely focused on other things.

Relationships: You are striving towards independence, therefore you may attract partners who are also independent, or a dependent partner who can teach you about involvement. You may go for a long time without getting deeply involved within a relationship.

Career: You are a born leader and so may be a leader in politics, fashion, art, music, in fact a leader in any field. You may be an inventor or a brilliant designer, or a creative ideas person.

Finance: Money is not your main concern - you work because you love what you do and you would even work for very little. You may not necessarily be 'good' at handling money because it isn't the most important thing in your life.
May your summers and winters be short, springs be mild and autumn reaping plentiful.

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