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Rod Divining

Rod Divining

PostAuthor: Hazel » Tue Feb 28, 2012 5:36 pm

Dowsing, or Rod Divining is the practice of detecting unseen energies emanating from above or below the earth's surface. Hence it is also known as Geomancy (Geo = Earth, Mancy = to divine).

It is believed we all have this ability; some people are particularly sensitive or understand how to sense these energies due to cultural, family or geographic influences.

Training and practice are the keys to success.

Divination means, 'to discover by intuition, inspiration especially by supernatural means.' So it means we use our intuition to discover the answers to our questions. So we all have the key inside ourselves to discover these energies - we just need to trust our own instincts.

Most often, the first reaction we have to a situation is the right one! This also applies to the art of dowsing. When using the dowsing rods, best not plan or expect an outcome, just allow the right answer to come through naturally.

There's many forms of divination, which include Geomancy (earth divination),

Types of Dowsing Rods

The most widely used dowsing rods are made from a single y-shaped twig cut from a witch hazel, willow or peach trees. Some dowsers swear by fresh cut twigs, while others will use the same twig for years. Dowsing rods are also made from other materials, most commonly copper and brass, though they may also be made of glass and plastic. Some dowsers even have success with rods made from wire coat hangers.
Learning to Use Dowsing Rods

Learning to use divining rods is surprisingly simple; after all, it has been done for hundreds of years. To use a y-shaped rod cut from a tree, hold the rod with both hands on the separate "legs" of the y, palms facing down. The single straight part of the y will be facing away from you. The straight part of the rod will dip downward or waver when near what the diviner is seeking.

When using L-shaped rods, they are held in each hand by the short handle. The top part of the rod should be placed slightly above the fingers so that they can rotate freely. Depending upon the user, the rods movement will determine a yes or no answer and cross when the item that is being sought is found. For some, the rods cross when the answer to a question is yes, while for others the rods will point forward and bob up and down. A no answer may be given if the rods do not move at all, or face completely outwards away from each other. The dowser will learn as they go with their rods and develop a rapport with them, soon deciphering what yes or no answers will be.
Selecting Your Dowsing Rods

Dowsing rods can be purchased in most metaphysical stores or online. They can also be made from a witch hazel, willow or peach tree branches as well as from wire coat hangers. It is up to an individual which type of rod feels best in their hands. You may have to buy several different types of rods to discover which feels best for your purposes.

It is also recommended by some experienced dowsers to have different rods for different purposes. For example, if you're dowsing for water, use one set of rods or twig. Another set of rods or twig should be used when dowsing for spirits in a haunted house. For some, this may make for an expensive undertaking. Therefore, use your own best judgment and experiences to discover whether you need an arsenal of divining rods and twigs, or can get the same results using a single set or twig.
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