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The birds

PostPosted: Wed Feb 08, 2012 8:02 pm
Author: Hazel
Hi can anyone tell me if they have read or know of any good books on Bird omens.
we all know birds are messangers,
I have been getting a lot of strange birds visiting my garden the last four weeks and now they are arriving in flocks. this must be telling me something but I don't know how to interperate the messages.
By strange, I mean the way they are acting, and that although they are native to the area it is unusual for them to come to my garden.
my normal friends are Sparrows, Pigeons, Robin, Thrush, Blackbird and of course my Heron with the Red Kite flying over and even these are acting strange.

This morning I came back from town to find approx ten Canada Geese they wouldn't stay still long enough to count and they were pecking at my door.
A flock of Starlings kept flying at my windows this afternoon and the grass was completly covered with them. yesterday I had loads of chaffinch we don't see them very often especialy at this time of year. It was today's little escapade that set me to thinking that perhaps I was supposed to read a message, can anyone help?

Re: The birds

PostPosted: Wed Feb 08, 2012 8:33 pm
Author: Morgan
I've looked on Amazon and found this one, but it's part of an Oracle set so I don't know if it's any good for you: ... 450&sr=8-2

FEATHERED OMENS is a book and card divination kit. This kit contains 40, full-colour images of birds with their meaning and significance. The book describes how to use the cards for insight, divination and answers to everyday situations and questions. This divination kit focuses solely upon the meaning of birds, which are universally considered the most frequent animal messengers from the spirit world. Many believe that they have wings because they work directly with the angels. Whether encountered in dreams, meditations or in your own back yard, birds are powerful messengers.

It's got good reviews. Sorry I can't help more.

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 08, 2012 10:21 pm
Author: Wildwood
You seem to be lucky with the number of birds that frequent your house Hazel. When the BBC did their garden bird survey a couple of weeks ago, I sat and watched in my garden, zip... not one bird in an arbitrary hour. Now, there was a buzzard lurking about 100 metres away, not in my garden so it didn't count, but I was surprised that there were no birds. Even when the buzzard is not there the number of birds has been very small recently. Now I live close to some woods, lots of trees bushes and cover. Things are not good - maybe they have migrated south to your neck of the woods Hazel.

Those of you who have followed my posts over the years may remember that I have a thing about crows, and they about me. If I walk in the woods or fields nearby I can almost guarantee a small flock will appear at some stage, I mean more than half a dozen will appear and hop about a couple of feet away.

As for messages, well I cannot really help with any explanations, I hope others among us can help - it would be good to know.

Possibly the birds knew you were going to give a talk on witchcraft - giving you encouragement.



Re: The birds

PostPosted: Wed Feb 08, 2012 10:48 pm
Author: Hazel
I did check on the net and quite honestly most sites are a load of ***.
but I did find one that mentioned the birds and their shamanic meaning,
though I was wondering how to aproach why they are comming to me all of a sudden , perhaps i'm looking to deep for a reason.
Starling teaches lessons of group etiquette, social standing an family relations and how you appear to the world in those relationships. He will show the nuances of the art of communication and vocalization which needs to be clear and expressive. It's time to speak your voice. Starling can show how to be a fierce competitor to achieve goals along with using all the resources available to do such. Are you balancing your feminine/masculine qualities? It is time to accomplish tasks early and not wait until the last minute. Are you clinging to an idea, perception, people too tightly? Starling will teach much about sensitivity to others and working as a unity either in this world or another and will instill a sense of protection and hope.

Goose gives a questing call for travels, imagination and communication. Imagination is stirred for fulfilling creative endeavors. He teaches how to move along the spiritual path with power and strength which may involve community efforts. He aids in finding happiness and joy in the small things. Goose teaches to swim through the emotional waters with a smooth calming action. He will help discern truths in order for you to progress onward, sometimes this involves letting things go that is not conducive to your new spiritual ideals. Goose medicine demonstrates soaring to new levels often with the cooperation of others which will help gain a tremendous amount of resources, knowledge and insights.

Energy amplification, new experiences, more active life with increase in potentials, aids in recognizing the spiritual and physical aspects of all things, helps you recognize your own voice, sporadic and tenacity and the ability to be quick and observant. Finch teaches to awaken to your surroundings and aids in the connections to family.

This is what I found. but why so many birds is buffling me. to my shame I have not even put food out, the grounds like a quagmire. and the path to slippery for me.
Actualy it does apply to what I have personally been going through at the moment.

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 09, 2012 9:54 am
Author: Hazel
I'm to late with the warning,
I had been so busy looking into how it effected me and what I should be doing.
I should have been looking at other signs.
My elderly neighbour who I have not seen for a few days. was rushed into hospital last night, his grandaughter found him late yesterday afternoon on the floor in his lounge where he'd been laying for a couple of days, he'd had something wrong with his heart, I don't know all the facts yet but he died on the way to the hospital, the paramedic said that if he'd been found sooner he would have stood a chance. His wife passed away in September.
And I had been to bothered with finding out about the birds instead of following the signs I was convinsed that it was something about my house hold.
I havn't seen one bird this morning not even my usual ones and the sparrows nesting in the loft are all quiet, may be I could have found him and called his granddaughter and saved him,
The geese left my garden and had sat on his roof, a sign I did not associate, I feel upsolutley gutted and there were lots of others signs like no light on in the house in the evenings.
On all the sites they state that birds acting weirldy are Harbingers of death, I never believed that, but now I do with a large adjustment they are Harbingers of death only if you do not act quickly. They arrived to give me a chance, unfortunatly I was unable to read their signs.
Yes Wildwood was right it does pay to keep and open mind, it just felt wrong to associate the beauty of birds with death so I pushed the idea away. wow another two lessons learned.
Keep alert around you and definatley keep an opened mind in all things.
At least I trusted my instincts and knew I had to check it out if only I'd been quicker in coming to the right conclusion. I know I'm not to blame for his death but I did contribute to it in a distant way, I can at least sleep easy if not sadly. At least this Hedgy has gained some new knowledge out of this sad case and can atleast pass it on.

Re: The birds

PostPosted: Fri Feb 10, 2012 6:51 am
Author: Skywalker (Deceased)

I'm saddened that you feel so much pain.

I'm sorry about your neighbor. One person's death diminishes us all. I hope that his passing was quiet and peaceful and that he walks the Summerlands with his wife. He may have missed her more than anyone knew. I've had dear family who couldn't wait to join their partners and they didn't.

I know you wish you could have helped. You wouldn't be the healer you are if you did not, but please don't take it too badly. The birds weren't leaving you notes. Looking back, it may feel obvious but if you Had understood the birds at the time it could have been any of a list a mile long, starting with your family or perhaps someone on this list. It could have been someone famous or someone you were about to meet with, someone in your granddaughter's class or the teacher or....It was a message about death and passing, not Whose death.

You, and your neighbor's family, have my sympathies, my friend, and, I'm sure, the sympathy of everyone on this Board.

Be Well,


Re: The birds

PostPosted: Fri Feb 10, 2012 10:12 am
Author: Hazel
Thank you Jim,
Yes I am saddened by his loss, please don't get me wrong but I am relieved by his death, he was not coping to well he was in his late eighties. but he kept falling all the time, if we didn't check on him he'd forget to eat half the time. His daughter lives in Wales, and his Grandaughter lives 4K away. ( besides he was the most nosey, controll freak and contankrous old man I'd ever met, always shouting at everyone, but I used to be the only one in the road to have a go back at him and I do rather think that he rather enjoyed our spats, I loved winding him up and turning things round back on him, His wife Joy said he'd fume for a day or two then say that girls got balls, and nine times out of ten she's right, I'm going over for another go. and he would. I loved him like a Grandfather.
I feel that it is always bad to be alone when Dying everyone needs that support even if unconcious as the Brain and Soul are very aware and gain comfort.
I know it's not my fault because if the spirits had wanted me to learn about omens they would have made me aware to study earlier. on reflection maybe this is the warning that now is the time I should learn for another occation in the future. does that sound mad.
B.B. Hazel

Re: The birds

PostPosted: Fri Feb 10, 2012 6:01 pm
Author: Skywalker (Deceased)
Hazel, that sounds like a very special relationship and you are a very special person. If you are mad then we should all be that crazy.

Blessed Be


Re: The birds

PostPosted: Fri Feb 10, 2012 9:25 pm
Author: Morgan
I'm so sorry Hazel, I've only just seen this. It sounds like it was his time to go, which is no comfort I know. It sounds like you had a wonderful relationship with each other and I'm sure he knew that you would have been there if you only knew in time.

You have already figured out that the signs can always be read in hindsight. But you are right, I think, in that the signs are there to tell you to start learning now. I wish you all the best with that as it's just one of the many areas where I'm completely useless.

Take care of you and try not to dwell too much on the past, but start concentrating on learning for the future.

Blessings to you.

Re: The birds

PostPosted: Fri Feb 10, 2012 11:55 pm
Author: Gravely
It's always a shock when anyone in your life dies, I'm sorry to hear about it and my heart goes out to you and his family. Sounds like this has had great significance to you, emotionally and spiritually, and as long as you hold on to that then you are doing everything you can to honour his memory.