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Re: Soul Friends

PostPosted: Sun Feb 05, 2012 11:25 am
Author: Gravely
So that's definitely another one for my reading list (amazon wish list now officially out of control). Love the idea of a soul friend, I would definitely say my mother is one of these. She works with victims of domestic violence who have to tolerate a lot of judgement, i.e, why don't you just leave him, how can you subject your children to this...etc and by listening, giving practical advice and not judging she has been able to help them in a profound way.

I like to think I have inherited a little of this quality and am sometimes taken aback at how people open up to me. It's a real gift to be allowed into someone's inner mind and feelings and would be a terrible betrayal to judge. I always give my honest opinion but it is possible to do this in a sympathetic way.

The people on this site are expressing ideas I recognise that I never thought to equate with my half-formed ideas on solitary witchcraft. It is wonderful how everything in my life is coming together with my beliefs and I am so grateful to everyone writing on here. The soul friend identity is alive and well on this forum.

Re: Soul Friends

PostPosted: Sun Feb 05, 2012 11:51 am
Author: Tylluan
It's amazing how things that you never thought were related can all slot together and make you realise just who you are!

It sounds like your mum does a fantastic job and makes a deep and meaningful difference to those lives that she has touched. I agree with you that if someone is allowing themselves the vulnerability of allowing you in, the worst thing you can do is judge them. I've been on the receiving end of that myself too many times. Some just don't stop to think about "Why?" or "What could have been so bad as to make you do xxx" They just judge on the actual event which can be heartbreaking.

Good luck with getting your Amazon wish list back under control. Mine still isn't after how many years! :lol:

Re: Soul Friends

PostPosted: Sun Jul 15, 2012 2:13 pm
Author: Morwenn
Reading the actual book is of course always better, but if anyone's interested: you can get a pdf file for free on the internet, containing the complete book.

Just perform a Google search on the title of the book (a witch alone) and it pops up (4th result: [PDF] A Witch Alone By Marian Green - Higher Intellect).

Somehow I'm unable to copy/paste the entire url, but just click on it and download the file.

I downloaded my copy here and it worked out fine. Now I have the original (in English, as a pdf) and my Dutch translation (book). I compare them and work with these two sources.

Hope this was of any use :)


Re: Soul Friends

PostPosted: Sun Jul 15, 2012 3:16 pm
Author: Tylluan
Thanks, Morwenn, that was indeed a great help! And here is the full link for anyone that is interested! ... _Alone.pdf

Re: Soul Friends

PostPosted: Mon Jul 16, 2012 9:46 pm
Author: Aelfgifu
Wow that's a great find - thanks for posting it! I remember reading this book a while back and really enjoying it. I'd handed it on and am thrilled to be able to read it again for free! :D

Re: Soul Friends

PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, 2012 11:48 am
Author: Morwenn
Thanks for fixing the link Tylluan :D

Glad you can use it Aelfgifu - it's a great book indeed, I'm working with it right now .