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The Five Points of Wiccan Belief

PostPosted: Sat Oct 09, 2010 3:32 pm
Author: Morgan
as laid out by Universal Eclectic Wicca

This specific form, the "Five Point of Wiccan Belief", is particular to UEW. However, the points contained within are issues held in belief by nearly anyone calling themself Wiccan, even if they phrase them differently.

1. The Wiccan Rede - An it harm none, do as ye will
2. The Law of Return - Also known as the Threefold Law
3. The Ethic of Self-Responsibility - We, and only we, are responsible for our own actions.
4. The Ethic of Constant Improvement - The desire to improve the world around us, guided in part by the Law of Return.
5. The Ethic of Attunement - Divinity is within us and around us, and becoming in-tune with this power is a major facet of Wicca.