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Three - Freyawyche

Three - Freyawyche

PostAuthor: TheWiseHedgewitch » Thu Sep 30, 2010 7:53 am

By Freyawyche (Freyawyche) on Sunday, September 3, 2006 - 04:52 am:
Ok... i thought I'd send off my favorite poem about the experience my little grove had with Her on Samhain one year. My friend L saw a spirit flit overhead through the air as we were walking through a field. She did not tell us at the time but the night was one of those that sticks in your mind as special. We left libations and meaty gifts and other stuff at the base of a willow tree for an offering( while crouching down in our capes-in the dark- ...the cops were making their patrols in the neighborhood!!)
This is the poem:


Velvet sky
Whisper of breeze
Willow fingers hanging low.
A dark night in many ways.
Without word, but much agiggle
They tiptoed through the field.

Three they were
Yet were you there you might have seen
The Spirits from the 'in-between'
Flying silent, flying high,
Spreading magic through the sky.

A meaty gift
A strong libation
A pouch of trinkets:
These they left with trepidation.

"Morrighan, Morrighan
Three times three
Grant us what we ask of Thee."

No answer heard
No screech from hell
No ravenbird or ghostly sight.
Just three women joined in merry prank
On one dark Samhain night.

Yet had you lingered there to spy
You might have heard a raven cry:
"Goddess bless and She we thank
For women trusting, women free
Seeking, searching.
Blessed be!"

FreyaWyche 2003
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