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Goddess of Initiation : A Dream - by FreyaWyche

Goddess of Initiation : A Dream - by FreyaWyche

PostAuthor: TheWiseHedgewitch » Thu Sep 30, 2010 7:53 am

December 2, 2007
A dream I received after caring for my dogs- three of whom have passed now to the Summerland. I still take care of Mighty Mikey who just turned 17.Sent to you now- a gift. I hope you like it. Blessings.

She came in dream
With chestnut hair
Surrounding eyes of green.
A smile of warmth
A laugh, a pause-
And then….a question broke the air :
“What troubles thee?
What do you seek ?
Be not afraid – look deeply at me childe
For second sight I have the right
And I have traveled wilde.”

“I see darkness and light,
Joined a’right, in perfect symmetry
Revolving in your aural glow
So a Healer you must be.
To care and love through troubled times
For an animal family
Has brought sorrow’s shadow – empty, cold
And loss has been thy friend.
Yet now you know the truth of life
And know its quiet end.
A Healer are ye
Touched and freed
By things thought good and nought.
And by and by through suffering
Wisdom has been taught.”

I gazed upon Her beauty
Her certainty of life.
All around Her paled in hue :
Her eyes of green with tint of blue
Hair so long. so chestnut deep,
Voice of calm and soothing song.
I knew She’d keep my secret thoughts
For Eternity is long.

And so I told Her dreams and thoughts
Never uttered to a soul.
Barely were they known to me
Although they are my own.
I kept them hidden well-
Never bidden, never called.

With tilted head She listened and learned
As my heart spilt out for what it had yearned.
“How in this land can a Healer be
If she is given no mastery?
No Teacher comes, no Sage to show
Which path to take, which way to go?
In honesty and forthright faith
How can a holy Healer’s name I take?”

”Fear not” said She
As She beckoned me
“I will start thee on the road.
In truth – below, where the great roots grow
And the Crones of Three are spinning
It is your time, initiation is given
A Healer’s new beginning.”

And then She smiled, arms open wide
A cloak of green was given.
She pinned on me a knot of gold
An initiation given.

And as She slowly turned to go
To travel free and wilde,
I saw her sweet and joyful look and heard Her holy laugh.
”Daughter : heal the broken, cheer the sad
Make merry melody.
For time and space have lost their place
And magick’s come to thee.”
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