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Doggie Daddy - by Freyawyche

Doggie Daddy - by Freyawyche

PostAuthor: TheWiseHedgewitch » Mon Oct 04, 2010 3:03 pm

By Freyawyche (Freyawyche) on Thursday, January 11, 2007 - 01:09 am:

One of our neighbors had a fine little Dauchsund named Bootsie...he was recently attacked by another neighbor's dog and passed away last week. He was cute and very noble. I am sorry I did not know him better. I wrote a remembrance for his 'Doggie Daddy' :

I came into a world of fur and teats and milk
And many other small ones pushing and laying up beside me.
We grew together and learned.
We ran and fell, Slept and ate,
And learned from the One who was with us always.
She was milk - giver, nuzzler. We ran and slept together.
She was guide and teacher , and protectress.
My secret hope was for teeth as big as hers someday.

Then one day I was taken to another big one.
He had a voice with words! But didn’t bark.
I tried to teach him to bark- it didn’t work….
He tried to teach me too- about peeing and poo.
And where to put it.
Go figure.

But He could run and lay and be goofy with me.
He held me with big muscley arms.
The smell warm and good and salty.
There was also a big mother one- nice, but no milk.
Outta luck !
We had others too- a big dog, but he was different.
He was hairy and had long legs and was my friend.

I grew into my full dogginess and was wonderful.
I had a beautifully long sleek body
With many short hairs- all reddish chestnut brown.
And if you looked down the stretch of my back you could see
The shine of my fur- its elegance and style.
The big ones called me weiner dog sometimes- Funny…
I never smelled any wieners.
Go figure.

Yes, my body was nice. It could run good with short legs
So I never missed what was before me and around me.
I snorted up all the delicious smells and sights around me.
I could romp and lay and fall and not be hurt as the ground was always right beneath me. Lucky me!
I was a ground dog! And boots walk on the ground.
Perhaps that is why they called me Bootsie.

I met many other dogs and sometimes touched their noses.
They were nice but never as sleek as I.
But I was their friend anyway.
My ears were shiny too but floppy and bouncy.
What fun to feel wind through my ears and feel them bounce
when I ran.
Yes- I was long, and sleek, and bouncy and joyous. I was
The big ones called me The Boot.

But one day a thing happened. I knew of it before I felt it,
From an ancient memory.
Then the fight began and I was torn.
The big One helped me and I mended slowly.
I had some quiet days with my family and thought and thought.
I stored up many things as I lay quietly.
But sleep and rest and quiet days passed
And they were not enough to restore my sleek body.
I had stored up sun and wind, head scratchings and ear tugs
And gentle hugs and words I knew in a secret language.
But they were not enough.
So one day I let go of my body: Its sleekness, its style.
I let go of floppy ears and panting and barking.
I let go of sunny days and rainy ones.
I let go of my friends.

I let go of Bootsie.
One last thing I had left and I sent it to you-
My Big One….I know you are big enough to
Catch it and hold it- It is a ball. A very special one!
It is a ball I made of all the love you gave me. I stored it up for many days. I cannot take it with me so now I nose it toward you….catch it quickly before it fades!!
It holds the wetness of my nose, my poop smells, the sleek shine of my fur, the tap tap of my nails on the floor. It will give you all the warmth I had at your side, and the protection you gave me. It will give you a secret language and a home in your soul where I can still live. Hold me forever.

I am not Bootsie now.
I float upward to another life, another body
And no pain follows me.
I lean up against the warm embrace of the sky
Where another One waits to embrace me.

Kore Gallagher
January 2007
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Re: Doggie Daddy - by Freyawyche

PostAuthor: TheWiseHedgewitch » Mon Oct 04, 2010 3:05 pm

By Bonnie (Bonnie) on Thursday, January 11, 2007 - 08:48 pm:

My sympathies to your neighbor. It's so painful to lose a pet under any circumstances but this tragic attack must be tougher still.

Do your state laws require that the attacking dog be put down? If so, two families will have lost their pets.

I hope your poem brings them a small measure of comfort.

When my dog passed from old-age, I couldn't walk down the pet food isle at the grocery store without blubbering for months.
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Re: Doggie Daddy - by Freyawyche

PostAuthor: TheWiseHedgewitch » Mon Oct 04, 2010 3:06 pm

By Freyawyche (Freyawyche) on Friday, January 12, 2007 - 01:58 am:

The attacking dog is owned by a very nice man who is responsible and has had very large dogs for years. The dog in question knocked down the 6 foot high fencing around the yard, so no one could really blame the owner, who incidentally paid for all the vet bills. And no, the dog was not put down-he remains with the owner.We have a neighborhood plumfull of dogs, and many times we owners just work things out amongst ourselves. We all understand what dogs are about. It has worked well so far.I was just touched by this little dog and his brave fight. I truly believe animals to be noble and their life and being every bit as valuable as human beings'. I did a lot of thinking about the value of a life and how we treat not only different animals but people from different countries and origins as if their lives had more/ less value and sacredness than another's. Also I think this common teaching that animals have no souls to be wrong and I think it leads to mistreatment. It is truly a wonder that we share the same earth with all these creatures that are so different from us, and that we are so interdependent.
By the way- I cried too.
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