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Looking Back At Fire - by Freyawyche

Looking Back At Fire - by Freyawyche

PostAuthor: TheWiseHedgewitch » Mon Oct 04, 2010 9:40 am

By Freyawyche (Freyawyche) on Tuesday, January 23, 2007 - 06:44 pm:

Looking Back at Fire

Years from now when I’m old and cold
Wrinkly and dry,
I shall look behind me to see
What pattern have I left behind.
Will I see a swathe cut through time by Fire’s blaze?

Fire ! Think of it- blasting, racing and crazed, turning order to chaos, like a heated lover, caution abandoned,
With me running at its side!
Flames would be licking at my heels, daring to burn me, chase me,
capture me.
Will I spy it and gasp “Oh ! it ‘s only Fire! Now baby, who you be chasin’?”
Had it cut through the barricades of my mind and cut them down, like a machete in the hands of demonic suburbanite weekend landscapers? And then set free, did we do damage together? Did we laugh at the craziness of our handiwork? Were we hilarious?
Will I wonder :”Did I ever play with you? Let you tickle me? Craze me? Burn me a bit?
“Or was I Little Miss Safety, ready to plunk a bucket of water
down on you, drown out your voice, put you out like candles on a cake, another year, another life gone?”

I am sure I would see the others that were with me on my journey:
Solid logs –my sisterfriends- were all but laid before me.
Sometimes they just appeared, a heap suddenly thrown at my feet, my pointy-toe fancy shoes kicking them around a bit.
Nosing at them with the tips of my shoes I would look them over sayin’ : “Are you good enough, good enough for me, earth logs? Do you have style and form to please?
Do you have stamina and finesse, or are you merely heavy, and in the way? (I was so fussy in my day.)
But they had a power I would not recognize for some time to come, hidden in the fiber and grain of their being, ready to surprise me with their knowledge, holding in secret their snap and pop and crackle- saving it for the Fire.
They formed the depth that I would need
As with the turning wheel I’d proceed.
“Hardheaded” I thought, but t’was just hard wood-
Something I never understood.
But now I look back and heave a sigh
At all the strength they would supply.

Some were lighter and not as steady
But the unfolding pathway was always ready
To take their tinder and set it ablaze!
A quick burn- a flash! Always a sudden surprise.
Yes! Tinder me, tinder me, make me amazed!
With tinkling bells and devilish spells!
Silver rings and bracelets and things dangling and dangerous,
Sparkling bright, banishing night.
Time was a playmate and tinder its toy.
These few to me were the lightness of joy.

A few were the spark that set all to flame-
Raven and Freya and Brighid their names.
All set the wheel a’spinning -so fast.
All made the fire a path that would last,
Keeping it lit when my fire had gone out.

As fire followed a Circle, a Wheel-
It burnt into Time the things we would feel :
The depth and the height of friendship so true
Yes sister - friends-- it has happened with you.

And now in the place which fire had burnt
Where empty land once stood open
A magestic forest of hopes and dreams to explore
Stands high to give testimony to those gone before.
Those who ran and laughed and sang
Who threw caution to the winds and embraced all desire-
My Sister-friends and I-
and Fire.

HAPPY IMBOLC EVERYONE! I wrote this to remember mostly my little grove but in all my memories there are Gentlemen as well- please Wildwood and Robin and whoever else is hiding out there on this site: A hearty Greeting to all the GreenMen around me! Have a hearty beer on Imbolc and remember me when we salute Lady Bride!
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