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Tips On Getting Started

Re: Tips On Getting Started

PostAuthor: TheWiseHedgewitch » Fri Oct 01, 2010 12:12 pm

By bonnie on Tuesday, December 16, 2003 - 03:37 pm:

Annon- hi & welcome. You're referring to psychic abilities & the many ways in which we pick up vibes, right? It would be useful to know what you've already tried that hasn't been satisfying. At least you've learned what isn't working for you, so you have not failed.

Getting started is really a matter of becoming aware of when these things may have occurred spontaneously such as knowing who's on the phone before you pick it up or dreams that in some way mirror something that happens later. Once you can spot the ability, you just have to remember what it felt like when it happened & be open to the same feelings again. (Now, re-read that sentence twice before going further.) You're training yourself to recognize a sensory experience. Observe it 1st. Turn off the analytical part of your mind & just watch and feel.

In the article above I mentioned playing "guessing" games as a way of developing the awareness of the sense. And it is a real sense - just like touch or taste or hearing. You have to learn to recognize the feeling of this particular sense. It's often a very individual thing. Try to describe your sense of taste once...& you'll see what I mean. Every sensory attempt should begin with the grounding and centering exercise described.

Pick one of the abilities that interests you & use your imagination to invent ways to experience it. C'mon, get playful. For instance, if you wanted to develop PK (psychokinesis) which is moving physical objects with thought, use a ping pong (table tennis) ball. Your mind knows this is light weight. Set it on a flat, smooth surface in front of you. Rub the palms of your hands together. Hold your "projecting hand" (the one you write with) open palm about 3 inches away from the ball, off to one side & use your aura to push the ball. Think it gently. Don't strain. Just do a "I wonder if..." & push.

What you are pushing with is that energy you contacted doing the grounding exercise when you pulled the energy up from the earth to fountain around you. You drew it up from the earth and into your aura. The aura responds instantly to our thoughts and feelings.

It's best to relax and play, not strain & demand. Be curious about what your ethereal body can do.One time I was in a swimming pool just floating on my back. I wondered if, without moving a muscle, I could make my body go in a circle to the right. I did. Then I wondered if I could turn it in a circle to the left just to prove the 1st one wasn't a fluke or the wind. I did that too, very slowly. It was fun & I just took advantage of the opportunity to play with the ability & not particularly caring if it worked. "I wonder if" ... That's the right frame of mind when playing.

Maybe other folks here will add their experiences too.

I thought of something I used to do as a kid that was lots of fun. It's very simple & it's real.Take a bag & go outdoors to collect a dozen or so different items from nature. Pick up 4-5 different stones, pinecones, bark, leaves & twigs from different types of trees, a cup of water or ice from a stream, feathers… whatever is just laying there. Then go someplace quiet & use your intuitive imagination to feel the force within each item, holding one at a time. Don’t worry yourself about writing down observations. You’ll remember. Don’t analyze it. Just feel it. This is the basic psychic sense that you want to develop & be able to recognize.

Anyhow, the psychometry exercise of developing the intuitive imagination seems to come easily to kids. Way back when, everything was alive to me; rocks and worms, my teddy bear & pictures in the clouds were living things. After about the age of 10 I got talked out of it, but now I know this was a shamanistic approach to understanding & experiencing our connection to nature & that everything is inter-connected. So what came naturally was un-learned & has to be learned again as I move more & more into hedgewitchery.

When I "feel" with the psi sense, I'm using my chakras - those energy centers of the body. But I feel it physically as well. For example, if I pick up the basic earth-link energy from a rock, I feel it in my solar plexus center with a butterfly-like whirl in my belly. If I place my hands about 3 inches from a tree, I feel its life-pulse with my aura, like an air-cushion space between my hands & the bark, then let it register in the chakras & flow from there to my mind.

I honestly don't yet know exactly how this is translated from a chakra-rush into something conscious & able to be interpreted meaningfully. When I feel it in my belly I eventually have to suck it up to my head, so to speak. (Hey, I'm describing a sensation, or sensory experience here.) I keep centering & I focus more on the force within the item that I'm touching or holding in my hands (like the rock). I'll think to it "let me know you" & the info flows thru the channels just established along chakras & is "translated" into knowable emotion or communication-language. As I focus more on the force-within-the-object, I get more info until it seems I become the object for just a moment.

As a kid, I'd play in the woods near our house & "be" the trees & flowers in the way I've described. That's how I played with them when there weren't any kids around to play with. Early morning was the best time, as the sun was just breaking low on the horizon & not having to fall thru the overhead leaf canopy.

Well, that's about as well as I can break down the basic sensory sensation. It's both physical and ethereal, and is cogitated within the consciousness (wherever that is).

It seems to me you have to start at this level & learn what the "force" feels like before jumping in & trying to have controlled experiences like psychokinesis, telepathy or astral projection on command ... although these happen spontaneously whether we're aware of it or not. We have to learn to recognize it in the small occurrences.

The next step after getting the feel of the "force within" & reading natural items would seem to be to do the same with items that have belonged to different people & reading their imprint left on those items. This is the ability usually referred to as psychometry.

I usually get mental pictures and feel emotions when I read personal items. You may receive input in other ways that are meaningful to you. It all comes in a jumble & has to be sorted out. If an item has had multiple owners, an entire history can be read.

Once you have the feel of this sensory input, remote viewing seems the next logical ability to explore in which you use the intuitive imagination to mentally visit various physical locations. The various names for related abilities are distant seeing, the sight, and clairvoyance. Spontaneous precognition can occur as well. Astral projection seems to follow as an out-of-body sensory experience.

Once you're doing all this, your dream-work seems likely to kick in. It's worth paying attention to your dreams. You'll have developed the ability to recognize the sensory experience by then, i.e. the "feel" when you're having it & how it's different from random dreaming. Spontaneous telepathy will probably be running concurrently as well.

Psychokinesis (PK) which is moving physical items with the will might be the skill most visibly related to healing-work and spell-work. Healing moves energy to conform to a pattern of wellness and spells move events to conform to a pattern of desire.

Well anyhow, this is how I've reasoned out the process for the moment. If Annon hadn't asked the question of how to begin to develop psi abilities, I dunno if I'd've managed to get it. Give me a reality check if I seem off beam, will ya?

And still my mind rattles on ...

I once had a chat with a former college prof. about sensing the life force within. I used the example of the repugnance one might feel in picking up a dead bird out of the yard. Had the bird been alive, we don't tend to feel put off about handling the animal; but once it's dead and the life force has departed, ugh! E-ew. 2-fingers at arms length. It's not just the possible state of decomposition that repels - it's the absence of the force that once attracted us.
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