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Magic Everywhere

PostPosted: Mon Oct 04, 2010 3:42 pm
Author: TheWiseHedgewitch
By Bonnie (Bonnie) on Thursday, May 10, 2007 - 05:06 pm:

There’s magical potential all around us.

Moon water –infused by moonlight – imparts lunar powers
Sea water – promotes cleansing and physical health
Well water – promotes psychic connections
River water – provides strength to get things moving
Rain collected during a thunderstorm – promotes courage and gives extra boost of energy
Dew – collected at dawn promotes beauty
Mist & Fog – impart mystery and illusion

In a contained fire pit burn:
Yew & willow – banishing & destruction
Juniper, cedar & sandalwood – otherworld and astral work
Oak – strength, health
Cedar or Pine – purification & offerings
Apple - romance

Fire & Ice
To thaw a stuck situation, freeze a candle. Use a paper or Styrofoam cup filled with ice cubes to support the candle. The tip should be above the ice. Peel the cup off the frozen block when ready to use. Place the block into your cauldron & lite the candle. Or float a tealite in a bowl of ice cubes and water.

North wind - brings changes
East wind – prospers new beginnings
South wind – provides strength, ambition
West wind – promotes health, cleansing, love

Scents associated with the 4 elements:
Earth – woody scents such as pine, cedar, patchouli and oak moss
Air - pungent scents like sage and lavender
Fire - warm spices like cinnamon and ginger (also solar associations)
Water - aromatic florals like rose, orange blossom, jasmine (also lunar asso.)

Dirt or stones from:
4 corners of your property – provides protection in all directions
Y-shaped cross roads – all-purpose, sprinkle around circle for protection
A bank - aids finances
A library – for knowledge and wisdom
Footprint dirt – connects to that person
Stones soaked in water receive the extra boons associated with the water source as well as provide their own essence to stone elixirs.

A mirror that has been infused with moon light will bring lunar powers to our indoor altar. It can be used in place of the pentacle to consecrate tools & empower charms. A moon-mirror should be wrapped and protected from sunlight, and can be decorated with seashells, lunar signs and symbols, washed in moon-water and dabbed with sandalwood oil. Mirrors can be gazed into for scrying, used to deflect unwanted energies or to reflect/direct power. Use 2 mirrors to multiply a spell’s intent by placing a spell candle between them so that they reflect back-and-forth into infinity. A mirror placed into a bowl under a full moon, so that it captures the moon, is another way to make moon-powered water.

Psychic disturbances can occur from receiving the evil eye, accidentally stumbling into sacred space, unintentionally offending spirits, or a temporary inability to keep a promise (must be corrected as soon a possible). To set things right again, we can clear our auras visualizing it filled with cleansing light, or smudge ourselves daily. Spiritual offerings like lighting candles & incense, offering food and drink, or leaving gifts help build a relationship with Spirit. We should explain why the offering is being provided such as for a wish, reconciliation, or thanks.