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Moon Blessing Cycle Formula Spell

Moon Blessing Cycle Formula Spell

PostAuthor: TheWiseHedgewitch » Sun Oct 03, 2010 8:06 pm

By Bonnie (Bonnie) on Monday, January 23, 2006 - 04:33 pm:

You may remember that I spent a year and a day with my “moon bowl” in which I added a white stone to the bowl as the moon increased, and took away a stone when it decreased. At dark-moon I’d used a single black stone. I used this exercise as a means of becoming familiar with the moon and her power. In addition to the benefit of familiarity with the lunar energies & sensing them in my body, I became aware of the energy of the various lunar cycles in a week, a month & a year & this led me to see the moon’s influence in some familiar witches spells.

There are three visible phases of the moon associated with the Triple Goddess & expressed as three time three (3x3). Each of the 4 moon phases lasts 7 days (1 week) and 4 phases (4 weeks) equal one month. Also there are the 13 full & dark moons in the lunar year.

The familiar phrase for sealing a spell connects to the power of the triple goddess & 3 visible moon phases:

“By the power of three times three, as I will, so mote it be.”

Another familiar knot spell that has lots of variations also utilizes the 3x3 power. There are 3 groups of 3 lines. You tie one knot in a string for each line. Just FYI, the word “leavened” used below refers to adding yeast to dough when making bread; the yeast enlivens & raises the dough just as the power enlivens the spell. And (x) is where you state the goal.

By knot one, my spell’s begun.
By knot two, my spell comes true
By knot three, my spell I see
By knot four, the power I store
By knot five, the power’s alive
By knot six, the power is fixed
By knot seven, (x) is leavened
By knot eight, (x) is fate
By knot nine, (x) is mine

I wrote a blessing knot spell connecting to the power of 13 moons in its 13 knots and the witch’s pyramid, the 4 elements & the 4 tools:

The 1st knot is for knowing
The 2nd knot is for my will
The 3rd knot is for daring
And the 4th is to-be-still.
The 5th knot is of the Air
The 6th of the Flame
The 7th knot is Water’s ware
The 8th is in Earth’s name.
The 9th is for the wand of wood
The 10th is the magic blade’s
The 11th knot is for the cup-of-good
The 12th for the star is made
The 13th knot is Spirit’s thrust
In perfect love, and perfect trust.

I wrote another knot blessing that connects to the power of the 7-day, 4-week cycle by having 7 lines repeated 4 times, and also relates to the birth-death-rebirth life-cycle as well, which is also a 3x3 cycle. Any concept can be substituted for beauty, such as harmony, health, peace, etc:

May one child know beauty
May one teen know beauty
May one young adult know beauty
May one in mid-life know beauty
May one elder know beauty
May one crossing over in death know beauty
May one returning on the wheel of rebirth know beauty
And through the one, all!

It is repeated all the way through 4 times, tying one knot for each line, totaling 28 knots but say the last line only once at the very end, & use the last knot to tie the ends of the string together to form a circle. It builds in power as you go & I virtually found myself shouting the 3rd round.

Prepare these knot spells at full moon, concentrating on the goal as each knot is tied. You can combine the knot spell with candle spells for added power. The string becomes an enchanted amulet.

For long-term spells that take a full moon-cycle:

Quarter one, the spell's begun
Quarter two, follow through
Quarter three, maturity
Quarter four, close the door

And for quicker spells:

When the moon is waxing, ease of attracting
When the moon is full, more power to pull
When the moon wanes, repel all things bane
When the moon is dark, dismiss and depart
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