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Spell for post Yule weight problems

Spell for post Yule weight problems

PostAuthor: Hazel » Sun Jan 13, 2013 10:29 am

The use of Crystals and Stones are a safe remedy. use with a healthy eating diet. avoid White Flour, sugars, carbonated drinks and high fat foods.

Cleanse the stones and replace the wish (do ritual) again once a month untill the weight is back to normal, if neccesary, the stones will not tingle if they are overloaded. (I peronally do not get a tingle but a hum from the stones)

There are a number of stones that are used spiritually for weight loss. Rose quartz is indeed one of them. Some others are Blue Peruvian Opal, Green Tourmaline, Heulandite, Moonstone, and Picasso Marble or Picasso Jasper.
Spinel and Unakite are used in crystal healing to get to an ideal, healthy weight, which for many of us means losing weight.

A big help to weight loss with crystals is to work with the crystal. Daily meditation and programming your crystal for reaching your ideal weight. Obviously not stuffing our faces with unhealthy foods while sitting around on our duffs is helpful for losing weight with or without crystals.
For many of us, shaky self-love is at the root of our weight problems. We feel bad about ourselves and eat for emotional comfort, then end up with weight problems. Working with those issues can go a long way towards losing weight. Some stones used in crystal healing for self-love are Aquamarine, Danburite, Feldspar, Kunzite, Lepidolite, Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite, Rose Quartz, Ruby, and Sodalite.

None work instantly however much we might think we want them to, which is actually healthy since losing a lot of weight suddenly is very unhealthy.

The Dieting thought-form Ritual

Take a blue topaz to a quiet place and sit comfortably. Set the stone aside,
then close your eyes and hold your hands closely together, palms facing each
other. Feel the warmth of energy flow between your fingers and palms.
Visualize the energy as a white light. Move your hands farther apart, forcing
the energy stream to broaden. Keep moving your hands and expanding the energy
force until you reach a distance of about six inches. Shape the energy into a
ball with your fingers, then squeeze and compress it until it is the size of
the stone. Hold the compressed energy in one hand and the topaz in the other,
then clasp your hands together to combine the two. Say:

"Thought form of my energy,
In this stone, now live and be"

Open your hands and breathe on the stone. Say:

"I share with you my Air to breathe."

Hold the stone to your forehead, then hold it to your heart. Say:

"I give you the Fires of passion and intellect."

Rub some saliva into the stone. Say:

"I give you the Waters of Life."

Rub the stone across your feet. Say:

"I give you the strength of foundation."

Hold the stone in your dominant hand until it tingles and pulses with energy.
Open your hand and chant over the stone:

"Stone of topaz, bluest stone,
Your life is mine, and mine alone.
Work to curb my appetite.
Bring good health back into sight.
Give me strength to stay away.
From foods where fat and sugar play.
Bring the will power that I need.
As I will, so mote it be!"

Wear or carry the stone with you while dieting.
WEIGHT LOSS CRYSTALS - 12 Crystal Healing Stones ~ Crystal Healing

AMETHYST x 2 : Helps you cut out the addictive cravings and reduces bloating.
BLUE APATITE : Suppresses Hunger and promotes motivation.
BLUE LACE AGATE : Helps you say NO to the food when you are not hungry.
CARNELIAN : Gives you an energy boost between meals.
CITRINE : Keeps your digestive system functioning properly.
CLEAR QUARTZ : Helps you make the correct food choices
GOLDSTONE : Helps you achieve your goals.
MANANGO CALCITE : Helps with anxiety and stress.
ROSE QUARTZ : Teaches us to love our bodies.
SUNSTONE : Helps raise our mood and promotes good health.
RED TIGERS EYE : Speeds up metabolism to increase weight loss.

Carry your crystals around with you, toss them into your bath water, make an elixir by soaking in spring water for 12 hours. At night either place under your pillow or on the bedside table to allow their magical properties to surround you at all times. You can also put one stone in a tumlie to wear around your neck.
Use all or one stone, but use the ritual for each stone.
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Re: Spell for post Yule weight problems

PostAuthor: Skywalker (Deceased) » Mon Jan 14, 2013 2:17 am

Well done, Hazel, thank you.

Not entirely sure where this question comes from but it seems important to me and perhaps how I understand the world.

Are you giving a separate magical life to the stone or have you shared part of yourself with it? Is it now a separate magical entity or is part of your spirit now in the stone, working your will?

Brightest Blessings and thank you for your patience,

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Re: Spell for post Yule weight problems

PostAuthor: Hazel » Thu Jan 17, 2013 11:17 am

Hi Jim it's part nature and part of your self.
As like most people the yule holiday is a nightmare with all the extra foods.
although I did not over eat just the occational Chocolate ( terribly week when I see the lush brown confection) it was mainly the spirit form (liquid) that made me put on so much weight, a whole 6.4 kilo that and stopping another bad habbit of smoking did not help.
what I forgot to say I actualy did a full spiritual self cleansing first, then I did the crystal ritual in the bath of all places, one place I can relax and not be disturbed.

I have now with all the bad things cut out of my diet although it is only wise eating not a real diet, I have actually lost 3.2 kilo, not bad in two weeks.

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Re: Spell for post Yule weight problems

PostAuthor: Skywalker (Deceased) » Fri Jan 18, 2013 6:14 am

Thank you, Hazel,for answering. If Magic were not both out There and in Here, it could not be Magic. Thank you.

As for chocolate, it has a magic of its own, does it not? It sits there on its plate and Calls us.....At least it did Me. :D

I'm glad you're recovering. I suppose I will too.

Brightest Blessings,

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