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New Moon ritual

PostPosted: Sat May 17, 2014 3:51 pm
Author: Morwenn
We are only two weeks away from another new mooncycle and I want to share this simple but effective new moon ritual with you. It has nothing to do with casting circles or calling the quarters, which has never been my energy. It's just a plain and simple ritual - almost a prayer. And that is what being a hedgie is all about to me.

New moon ritual

Bless the road that lies ahead with this simple New Moon ritual.

I have learned only recently about a Jewish feast which is called 'Rosh Chodesh'. It is celebrated as soon as the new moon is visible in the night sky. In Judaism the moon is an image of Sjechina, the female Presence of God.

The ever changing face of the moon as she waxes and wanes - and always appears at a slightly different place in the sky - reminds us of how our relation to the divine can change, as do we. We can grow in wisdom, make different choices, we can release things we no longer need and yet start again every new month.

So bless the path that lies before you in this new mooncycle with this simple but effective ritual:

Bless the path that lies before me,
the path that I will walk in this new mooncycle,
the virginal path, pure and unspoiled as freshly fallen snow,
the path that has been tread,
and that I need to take over and over again,
so many times that the hard rocks have softened beneath my bare feet.

Bless the path that we walk together, as a family.
And bless the path that no one can take but me, because no one else can walk it for me.

Try to find a song that will accompany you on this months path. Then ask yourself the following question: 'What accompanies me in this mooncycle?'

I also try to find an image or something alike to work with. For this I find a lot of inspiration in Mickie Mueller's 'Voice of the trees', an oracle deck with fabulous artwork. It's hard not to be inspired by it when you look at the images of the cards.

You can vieuw the images here:

Here you can read what the cards mean, but note that not all pages of the book are visible:

Mickie has used a special technique when she was making the oraclecards. She added magical herbs to her paint: and:

I hope that you get as inspired by them as I did!


Re: New Moon ritual

PostPosted: Sun May 18, 2014 5:51 pm
Author: Tylluan
Absolutely brilliant, Morwenn! Thank you so much for sharing :)