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What is energy healing?

If you need healing or have information which could help with healing, post here.

What is energy healing?

PostAuthor: Hazel » Mon Feb 06, 2012 9:00 pm

What is energy healing?
What is energy healing and what does an energy healer do. These are the two questions that this article will answer in the most basic terms.
There are many ideas being held on what is energy healing. Ideas that portray healing as psychic surgery, falling down and speaking in tongues or laying on of hands to name but a few.
But energy healing is much more then the “side show” theater that we are generally used to seeing. It is a deep and fundamental change in how we view ourselves, the world and God. Spiritual healing lifts a person above themselves so that they are able to see everything from a new perspective. Do not be fooled by the theater of “psychic” types, spiritual growth is an intimate and very quiet pursuit.
Energy healing shows itself in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual change in the individual. These changes can be profound and noticeable to everybody or they can be subtle and only felt by the person making the changes. Going from physical sickness to a state of recovery is a part of spiritual awakening. Finding peace in emotional calmness is another aspect of change that is seen as a person goes through the process of spiritual healing.
A healer is a facilitator of this process. A spiritual healer has the ability to “see” the person as a whole greater then the sum of their parts. The healer’s job is to help remove blocks to an individual’s growth.
How a spiritual guide does their job varies from healer to healer. Most accomplished healers have the ability to see the blocks that are causing the problems in the lives of their clients. The blocks can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Through a combination of talking to provide awareness and energy healing the client is brought from a state of disease to one of more balance.
A spiritual healer may only see a client once or twice or like a trusted adviser play a part is an individual’s life for many years. A healer’s job is to maintain the growth process for as long as a client wants to implement change.
Once again this is a hand on healing using through the power of a higher being, a Deity, Angel, Faerie or who ever the healer is attuned to. And can also be influenced by the client if they are staunch Christians then knowing that an angel or just the word God causes a better response from themselves.
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