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My Warning section

PostPosted: Mon Feb 06, 2012 8:55 pm
Author: Hazel
Warning’s about healing therapy.
Things to be considered when starting any of the healing therapy’s mentioned,
With Energy healing I have stated that anyone can do this and seemed to make it sound easy, which is right once you have started learning, it’s not very hard to raise the power and to heal, but all the information I have given you is only a fraction of what you need to know, the amount of knowledge needed would take a book to study, that is why I have put a list under our Book headings or I suggest you check out for local courses if you are very interested in following this path as a career, if your interested just for your self family and friends then either buy or borrow a good book from the Library. Buying is preferable as you will refer to it time and time again. Library books are good to check out to see if it’s the right book you need.
My local Waterstones are great they never mind me reading through a book before I purchase. No plug intended here.

As I have mentioned Holistic Healing is safe there are no side effects known,
However there are a couple of illnesses that energy healing should under no circumstances be used directly.

Cancer and Tumors. in Britain it is illegal for a holistic practitioner to try to heal them.
The power vibrations can cause the growth to increase in size as it is feeding it with energy.
Saying this it does not mean that you cannot help ease their pain. Pain is actually felt in the brain then the brain informs the localized area that something is wrong. So working on the head with the will to ease the pain and relax the person is acceptable, unless the obvious, they have a brain tumor.
There are very few Practitioners that will take on cancer clients, not only because of the law but also for their own safety, Clients are distressed and are certain that you said you’d heal them, you actually told them so, Cancer can not be cured, and it can be removed. It can go into remission, it can disappear for years and all is well but if it never returns that’s because the Deities have decreed it, not through the act of man but there is still a small element in the cells that remains dormant. The Families are convinced in their stress that you can heal their loved one. People under stress only hear what they want to.
So a practitioner will find themselves in court at worst in prison.
One way around this if you want to treat them for just pain release and ease of mind is to make four copies of the statement that you can only ease their pain, the client, next of kin and you sign the documents all of them before commencing treatment, and all three of you have a copy, the last goes to your solicitor. A lot of trouble but it’s necessary to safe guard yourself.

Even family and friends the Must list
You must never work on any one with out their consent; this is an invasion of privacy.
You must ask if they would prefer you not to actually touch them and ensure them that it doesn’t make any difference.
Tell them exactly what you are going to do and what they may expect to feel and ensure them that even if they feel nothing it is still working.
If you doing distance healing you must set up a time that’s convenient to you both, always give them prior warning if you find the time unacceptable for any reason.
Never ask them to remove clothes it’s totally unnecessary unless you’re doing acupuncture and you have to be qualified to do this or working with oils.
Always make sure you know the full history of their illness and what treatment they are receiving from their doctor.
Keep a record of treatment.
Make sure they know to keep seeing their own doctor or nurse as well.
The client needs to have an open mind and be ready to receive healing
I will most likely add to this list as more things come to mind.

After another phone call from a friend who's an energy healer ( and wow, I've known her for nine years and when I mentioned this site and what I was writing up on, she told me she'd often looked in as she is thinking about the Pagan ways and found a witch test on line that said she was a witch, and I never knew)
Anyway she came up with another warning to mention, a trap she herself fell into.
If anyone asks for your healing whether family, friends or client ,make sure they tell you where the pain is and what is wrong, her cousin did her some serious collatral damage by tricking her that way, unfortunatly she had the last laugh so to speak.
when she asked him what was wrong he said your the healer tell me. so she gave him a thourgh hands on check and found what she felt was a problem with his heart in shock she told him that he should see the Doctor as soon as posible.
He laughed at her and said that he'd sprained his ankle playing football. she'd never got as far as his legs.
he called her a fraud and told all their friends giving her a bad name the next weekend he collapsed while playing football he'd had a massive heart attack, so all their friends started to get her to check them out, her name restored and lesson learned.

Re: My Warning section

PostPosted: Tue Feb 14, 2012 6:57 pm
Author: Hazel
As I have had a few problems recently, I was not emotionaly fit enough to continue the distant healing for a week. today was my first visitation day to my clients. I had re started the healing on Sunday morning.
My client with the bad legs had been going to the district nurse as I said previously three times a week. Since I had been helping he was only going once a week as they had mostly healed, since my stopping and this is only for nine days his legs have erupted and ulcerated and he is having to go three times a week again for dressing changes, the D.N was bewildered at such a rapid Change. Is this proof that the healing is helping I ask myself? I hope so because it certainly makes it all worth the effort. I for one will be interested to see if there is a rapid improvement next week. ( and yes I do feel a little guilty about this little test, but unfortunatly it was neccesary)

Re: My Warning section

PostPosted: Mon Aug 12, 2013 5:40 pm
Author: Nick O'Connor
Hi Hazel

I have a couple of sticky questions for your guidance. Mainly, I use crystals and herbal remedies for healing.
Now, I've been asked to help a person with the mobility problems arising from his ongoing MS (not try and cure him completely, but improve his balance and circulation) and also help someone with disassociative amnesia (related to multiple personality disorder). Both people are under specialist medical consultants, but both are pagans too.
Do you think that these types of ailments fall under your Warning section?

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 25, 2013 7:20 pm
Author: Hazel
Hi Nick,
Sorry I have just returned from holiday plus spending time with my ailing father before.

firstly yes it does come under the warning.

saying that, you can help but do cover yourself. first all types of healing are an act of faith. your faith in your ability. their faith in you. the faith you have in your chosen path.

now do you feel confident that you can help the person's? make no definate claim that you can cure them or even help them or give them reason to think that you said you can, especially with the latter person. holistic healing can work well along side and with medical personal ( something like *** if you would like me to try and help you with using crystal therapy, I hope it would be of some benefit to you*** always say it in front of a witness. Professional holistic practitioners use a written indemnity form, their client signs before treatment.
Hope this helps, if you have the faith in your self still protect yourself and go for it


Re: My Warning section

PostPosted: Sat Sep 07, 2013 8:02 am
Author: Nick O'Connor
Hi Hazel

Thanks for your advice - this is what I did for the pagan with MS.
I wrote him a long letter, pointing out that while I couldn't cure his MS, it was possible to improve the mobility side. I supplied him with a chunk of faceted, rough green calcite and asked him to use it over the heart chakra. I also gave him a pot of salve to ward against the oncoming winter (it's full of mustard seeds, pepper, chilli, cloves, rosemary, etc) and also when his circulation is bad. I suggested some herbal treatments that he or his partner could make themselves, eg ginger fermentation.
As a supplement, I added some dietary advice and suggested he source some specialist therapy to help his breathing and to strengthen small muscles/ligaments (eg qigong).
In the interim, I'll try to obtain either rhodonite or watermelon tourmaline as these stones are supposed to help MS sufferers.
And that is all I can do for him - as you say, anything more would be unrealistic expectation.
I'll think further about the MPD, although I understand blue obsidian might help.

Re: My Warning section

PostPosted: Sat Sep 07, 2013 9:54 am
Author: Hazel
Hi Nick it looks as if you have it all well in hand. and you covered your self well.