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Healing and Holistic Research/Teaching books

If you need healing or have information which could help with healing, post here.

Healing and Holistic Research/Teaching books

PostAuthor: Hazel » Sun Feb 05, 2012 9:24 pm

Healing and Holistic Research/Teaching books,

I have placed a few books that are companions and research books on healing under Books.
These are the ones I own and have found invaluable.
If you have read or own any that you find of great help that might interest others please add them to the list especially in the fields that I have mentioned but have added no reading material due to lack of my expertise in that subject.
I will endeavor to try and find reading material recommended by other people from the net.
Also on the subjects that I am not practicing or any come to that; if you find any faults with what I have stated please feel free to correct my research as no offence will be taken.

I suppose I should let you know what it is that I practice so here goes a not so little history as I have added experiences as well.
From my Grandmother I learned herbs. Helpful when you have children they are expensive on cold cures and other medicines especially when you can pick the remedy fresh from your own garden, I loved getting up before dawn to pick herbs with her along the roadside the best time to collect them but she never told me why after cutting the herbs she gave them a drink of milk, I rather thought she was batty.

I practice energy healing that was what my grandfather called it. Mine does not really follow one of the forms, but a combination of many.
I inherited my healing form him as he inherited it from his Grandfather and so on back through history, in our family it misses a generation.
He guided me through the early years of coming to grips with my gift.
I do call it a gift but sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming.

I had little knowledge about Aura’s until I started my research about five years ago, but even on reading up about Aura’s I understood that people who saw them saw colors, where I saw a spectrum of Grey’s from white through to black. Black being the most serious complaint I saw inside the body.
I was about seventeen when I first saw inside someone when I touched them. If they were well everything was normal, just another person but if they had a complaint I could both feel the bad vibration and see the darkness inside them not only that but I could feel their pain.
I had started nursing training so it was a pretty bad time for me to adjust, I was surrounded by sick people, but now I could recognize what part of their body was infected.
This was when my troubles started, there was I a 1st year trainee nurse, in 1971 holistic healing was taboo it was very much a voodoo idea people were scared hearing about it.
So the first problem was a patient came in with a complaint that the Consultant could not find a reason for and thought he was psychosomatic, in those days there was only an x-ray machine Scans had not been in use if they had been invented then. So he was about to call in a psychiatrist when I broke the golden rule only staff nurses or above should talk to a Consultant unless spoken to. I told him that the man had a perforation in his stomach lining as it was not bleeding it did not show up on the x-ray. When they opened him up I’d been proved right, but after spending the rest of my shift being shunted around from Sisters to the Matrons office and being thoroughly scolded, I was almost ready to give up my training, and would have done if not for the Consultant sticking up for me.
Over the next four years of working in the hospital I was called on a few times by Consultants with confusing cases, and have been lucky enough to help prevent unnecessary operations. I had difficulty being accepted by some ward sisters who didn’t trust or felt threatened by what I could do.

I always knew what I could do but never understood what I was doing. As I had no idea of how to go about finding out from books, our local library was useless and working and raising a family put everything on hold, then we had the internet and I was free to start researching.
So I learned that what I was doing was similar to Reiki along with Angel healing. Although granddad said we call on a higher being. He seemed to think it was one of his Ancestors? I have no idea I just feel a vibration and presence surrounding me along with a bright white orb of light. As I have aged I find I need something more pacific to help me concentrate on calling the energy, Basically this happened twelve years ago when I had an accident that broke three vertebrae in my lower spine leaving me unable to move luckily I was not paralyzed but due to the medical professions neglect. It was four months before the Doctor decided to have an x-ray done by that time the bones had started healing and my spinal cord healed trapped in the vertebrae the risk of operating was out of the question due to a greater chance of causing paralysis, as it was they diagnosed that in a couple of years in the future I’d be wheelchair bound, so for now I had to live with the pain and a walking frame.
A chance day out a year later taught me something new about my gift. We’d been invited to a members only day at RHS Wisley Gardens, in Surrey, They provided me with a wheel chair as the terrain was to tough for me to walk on even this proved a tough task for poor old hubby so a few other male guest helpfully had a push, at coffee time one of the wives held my hand whilst asking how come I was in the chair, and gasped “why you’re a healer too” then asked why I had not tried to heal my self, It had me thinking Why Not, so I did try, it took about two years, I still have a weak back but I walk with a stick when I’m out only, with herbal remedies and the nightly healing and grounding I am mostly pain free Dependant on wet weather. It has been two years since I have seen a Doctor and six years this week since he has given me any medication. The Last Scan I had on my back three years ago revealed that against all odds my spinal cord although still trapped was reasonably healthy, one of the unexplained phenomenon, no only my own Practice Doctor knows what I have done our secret, it’s not on my medical records.
He’s Chinese and has since gone back to china to study Holistic medicine. He wrote a month ago to inform me that he has been studying Reiki and was about to go for his Master degree among other Chinese forms of holistic medicine.
I learned that you can successfully heal your self as well as others.
Since my last stupid little escapade, heal your own problems before healing others.
And that all healing is maintained through intent.
And a little imagination goes a hell of a long way, until I started studying Reiki; I had no idea that you could heal someone at a distance.
Holistic healing works well with medical healing they compliment each other and speed each other up.
I hold Arch Angel Raphael’s card in one hand and the persons name and address on a piece of paper in the other hand call out their name three times and state there address once and then tell Raphael what I need help to heal i.e. someone’s leg ulcer three times then imagine I have their leg in front of me and start the healing process, this is done at a time agreed before I start distant healing and it works.
And don’t forget to tell the client that they must continue their medical treatment as well, as both treatments work together.
An elderly client had a fall off some steps and took a large chunk of skin off the back of his leg, the wound was five weeks old and would not heal, and became badly infected, he has to visit the district nurse thee days a week for a change of dressings, he spoke to my parents who then asked me to see him. I had to convince him after the second session to continue seeing the nurse. I felt that he needed daily healing, as it was both inconvenient to him and myself we arranged that I would do distant healing at 6:30 am every morning , while he was still in bed. I have never seen his wound to this day, but for the past four weeks I’ve been attending him and from what his wife has seen the wound which was 9” long and 5” wide and ½” deep it has healed to three small wounds less than the size of an English one pence and looks as if the top derma has a scratch and scab on it. The nurse could not understand how such a bad wound which would not heal suddenly was healed so quickly between her sessions; I visit him every Tuesday morning, Last week she wanted to see what I did, because she knew that her dressing had never been removed. She is now interested in taking a course herself I’ll find out Tuesday morning of the 7th at 7am if she had the surgery’s blessing and if she’s lucky they will pay for the course.
The first week he said it felt as if someone was squeezing his leg and it tingled now he says it feels like someone is puffing on the wounds.
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Re: Healing and Holistic Research/Teaching books

PostAuthor: Wildwood » Mon Feb 06, 2012 12:25 am

Hi Hazel,

I was really interested in what you had to say above. I'm not a medical doctor, I've a doctorate in engineering (boast, boast) but my son is a medical lecturer, daughter in law a GP and father in law (now in the summerlands) was a consultant physician. Father in law had no time for all this "hocus pocus stuff" (they didn't teach it a med school did they!). My daughter in law is Irish - she is very superstitious and getting pregnant was a problem at one time, I don't know the details ... but alternative therapies were invoked! As for my son, well he is Mr logical but he is quite interested in alternative Chinese medicine, enough said. As for me, a non medic, as I have said before, I am a great believer in the power of the mind. I feel that if the healing process needs a bit of help then the power of the mind should be invoked. I am afraid that my "powers of healing" are only capable of being directed at myself I have no idea how to work on a third party as it were.

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Re: Healing and Holistic Research/Teaching books

PostAuthor: Hazel » Mon Feb 06, 2012 10:13 am

Hi Wildwood
As for healing others obviously everyone has there own way of raising the power. its there for everyone and anyone to call on.
for third party just do the same as you do for your self but instead of willing the power into your self you direct it to the third party.
1, call there name 3 times with the intent 3 times then the direction once, ie the third party is at work if you know where that is then say the address. the power will know the rest. if their at home then give that address.
as I have written some where I also write their name on a piece of paper and hold it against my body so my hands are free to touch even though imaginary the place where healing is neccessary. both hands are needed as you need to place hands on both sides, see pictures below all you need for distant healing is to see the body in your mind. for some one actualy there with you you can see how it's done, remember they do not need to remove clothes. and it is not neccessary to actualy touch them, by holding the palms approximatley 1/2 to 1 inch away the power works just as well. all you need is the person to give you permission to try, so next time your wife complains of an ache ask if she'll let you try. it may take a couple of attempts but you can do it. you should definatly feel warmth or a tingle or any of the feelings mentioned in energy healing post.
just a thought may be your son might be more easily persuaded to your practice session. your decission.
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Re: Healing and Holistic Research/Teaching books

PostAuthor: Hazel » Mon Feb 06, 2012 12:39 pm

Hello again my friends,
I know I think almost as much if not more so than I waffle, but nothing bites me as much as an; I'm not sure?
So it had me thinking on my previous answer, may be I should explain the theory in a better way.
Not so much how healing works but how do I get it to work for me? how can I do healing?

Well in a round about way we humans do it all the time. we wish for something to happen, or to gain something, we also know to be patient and wait and what we wished for will come about, this is known as the Law of Attraction,

It is this Law that we use to gain and know the power we need for healing, by focusing our will or intent we can redirect it,
I explained this to a client once, who promptly said that surely it's the opposite of the Law of attraction as I, the healer was pushing my will towards him.
the answer is no it's not the oposite because I will the power I gain to heal him,
this is the example I gave him.

He wants to go on Holiday but does not have the time or inclination to sort everything out, so he looks through a broucher and chooses the destination and hotel then tells the travel agent what he wants, the travel agent will then book the hotel and flights arrange for transfers etc. job done he's only to pay the fee pack his bag and enjoy his holiday. well the healer is the travel agent we arrange everything so the client can heal.
All by our intent we can direct what is needed.
The power is for ever recycling so it can be tapped into at any time and by every living thing.
If you live close to a ley line there is a stronger healing force available.

Another example:-

earth= power ------->power = Healer = power --------> recipient, the recipient then returns the infected power to the earth.

The earth is the power plant, the healer the socket and the recipient is the appliance,
I hope this is clearer.
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Re: Healing and Holistic Research/Teaching books

PostAuthor: Skywalker (Deceased) » Mon Feb 06, 2012 7:06 pm

Awesome, Hazel, just awesome.

Both what you do and what you have told us of your life.

Brightest Blessings,

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Re: Healing and Holistic Research/Teaching books

PostAuthor: Hazel » Mon Feb 06, 2012 7:31 pm

Thanks Jim
It was something you said about the subject of tomorrows little jint, that made me decide to add a bit of my history, I'm by no means infalable but I learn like everyone from my mistakes so by adding what has caused me to learn then it may help others to see what pitfalls need to be avoided. and today I found I'd slipped up yet again and will address this as quick as posible.
thank you everyone for your support, infact this has been harder than I thought but I am enjoying doing this project. my only regret in my healing world is that Grandad past over before he finished showing me all I needed to learn and that I had to miss out on many years of knowledge I could have gained, and people I may have been able to help.
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