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An Intro to the Wand

The wand is said to represent the life force of the witch. For any information or questions regarding wands.

An Intro to the Wand

PostAuthor: Morgan » Thu Dec 16, 2010 3:32 pm

Primary Element: Fire

The wand is the single most valuable all-purpose tool in natural magic. It is usually regarded as a fire element tool. Some people have different wands for different needs and a special one for major outdoor ceremonies or for a boost of power. You can also find or buy a small twig wand for travel. You can use any small smooth branch as a temporary wand by asking the blessings of the forest where you find it.

Using Your Wand

Making ever-increasing clockwise circles with your wand will attract whatever or whoever is needed in your life; making decreasing anti-clockwise circles will banish sorrow, illness, bad luck and anything negative.

Circling you wand clockwise in small regular circles using your power hand will enchant any symbol that represents a need. At the same time you should move your other hand in similar sized circles, anti-clockwise, all the while softly chanting the purpose of the spell. By association you are sending power to whomever or whatever is represented by the symbol. You can empower herbs or crystals by the same method.

Bring your magical intentions to reality by writing them in the air with your wand. Do this faster and faster until you reach a peak of power, when you should raise your wand up to the air vertically and then bring it down behind you and back up again to waist height to release the power. This can also be done with any secret magical names that you use to draw power into you and the aura surrounding you.

Casting a small circle of protection about an arm span all around yourself in the morning before work or in the evening when you get home will afford you protection when you feel unwell, afraid or under attack.

In order to banish, albeit temporarily, anxiety, pain or physical weakness, hold the wand in front of your face while speaking banishing words. You can hold your other hand upright palm outwards at the same time.

Direct power generated through magical words towards a place or person by holding the wand horizontally in the right direction, whatever the distance, and reciting the place name nine times saying "May it be healed / restored / saved."

Draw a circle of power and light within which to carry out magic by walking round the visualised circle, pointing your wand diagonally downwards from waist height in front of you. See the light coming from the wand to protect above and below in the circle.

Your wand can be used to close a circle in the same way.

You can use your wand to open the four directions of your circle by drawing, attracting or invoking pentagrams in the air as you welcome the four guardians. You can likewise, in reverse order of opening, close the circle with banishing pentagrams drawn in the air in the four directions.

Draw down the moon or sun by holding the wand in a sharp angle to the sky and turning in rapid clockwise circles for the sun and the reverse for the moon. This should create the psychic sensation of the heavenly body rushing towards you.

Use the crystal tip of your wand to mix in salt and make sacred water.

Filling the wand with power by leaving it on the outdoor altar for brief periods during storms for courage, rain for healing or banishing, under a rainbow for granting wishes and in winds for change. Hold it soon afterward and feel the energies passing through it to you, topping up your own energies and determination.

When your wand becomes weathered and you would like a new one, you can keep it near the altar until it splinters and finally rots; empower a new one meanwhile as the old one's work is done.

Use your wand as a personal power channeller, amplifying your own power to give you daily strength. Hold it at 45 degrees from your body, facing the morning sky, noon, dusk and midnight, filling you with cosmic and earthly powers.

Choosing The Wood

Wands can be straight, slightly curved, tapered to a point or twisted like corkscrews. If you find one of these twisted pieces of wood, you will find that it needs hardly any empowerment or improving to make it effective.

Driftwood can be surprisingly effective since it is already smooth, the bark has been worn away and, as long as it is still firm, it has all the power of the sea.

Making your wand

Traditionally wands are cut on Wednesday, the day of Mercury, or on the full moon.

You should remove any leaves and twigs as soon as you cut or find your wand. In more formal practice the wand is left for a year and a day in a dry, safe, airy place, but this may not be practical for a first wand. Do try to leave it in a warm, airy place for a few days until the wood is dry.

Strip off the bark if you wish. Some people leave at least some of it on as this looks beautiful and means no extra adornment is needed. Sand or rub it smooth where necessary.

You may choose to inscribe your wand with a natural magical symbol from one of the natural alphabets such as the runes or Ogham. Carve either with a pyrographic tool or a very fine awl, pocket knife or screwdriver that has been held over a camping gas cooker or an ordinary gas cooker flame. Do take care when working with these hot tools!

If your preference is for an unadorned wand, you can use incense stick smoke to write your power names and magical wishes in the air above the wand to represent the different energies you want for it. Do this after polishing the wand.

Sometimes the wood will already be marked with a distinctive pattern or eye which can be accentuated with a thin brush and a subtle brown wood paint. Buy sealing oils for the wood from a DIY store. Try to use natural ones such as linseed oil.

You can give your wand a crystal point if you wish. You need to make a split in the top of the wand with a knife so the crystal will slide in and remain firm (have a couple of spare crystals in case one falls out). You can use glue if you wish.

Caring for your wand

Whether or not you treat your wand with preservative or varnish, or buy one that has been treated, you should polish your wand before and after each use with a soft cloth kept specifically for the purpose. It is also a good idea to have a pouch to keep the wand in. Once a week, use furniture polish, ideally the old-fashioned lavender or beeswax polish in a tin. This cleanses the wand psychically and increases its power. If you haven't used the wand during the week, spend a few minutes holding your wand and picturing light beams and sparks flowing in and out. When possible, leave it out under the full moon.
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