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Meditation tip: crystals

PostPosted: Sun Sep 23, 2012 12:30 am
Author: Nick O'Connor
Hi there, everyone

I know that I'm new to this network, but I'd like to share a personal tip that may aid meditation, particularly for those who seek to attain third eye trance fairly fast.

I've worked with crystals for healing for over a decade now and one of my spell books advised that I should be using ametrine to help with personal meditation. And it's true - a good crystal meditation does help to resolve problems, but it's also difficult to source good quality ametrine.

So my tip is this: if you want to try crystal meditation, but cannot find good ametrine, substitute a reasonable (not too small or thin, ie not a geode) piece of citrine for your dominant hand and the same of purple amethyst for your receptive hand. The stones work better if purified by you and if they have been faceted.

Happy meditations.

Nick O'Connor

Re: Meditation tip: crystals

PostPosted: Wed Sep 26, 2012 6:17 pm
Author: Tylluan
Once again, thanks Nick. It's at times like these that I wish we had a 'like' button just like FB :lol:

Re: Meditation tip: crystals

PostPosted: Sat Jan 04, 2014 4:56 am
Author: OldOmen
Great idea Nick, thanks for this.