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Cat Dream

Do you have them? Can you help those who have questions about them? Post in here.

Cat Dream

PostAuthor: Bluebell » Wed Oct 10, 2012 9:05 am

Hello everyone

I was just wondering if anyone can shed some light on my last 3 dreams I've had over the last 2 night's because they are beginning to worry me a bit.

In waking life I have furry cat friends. The youngest is very naughty but in the cutest way although sometimes I do wonder if she was dropped on her head as a kitten because she is without doubt the craziest little cat I've ever known. You would think I had children because I have basically had to child proof my home cos she gets herself caught up in any bag she can find, she will end up head first down the toilet if u don't put the lid down just to mention a couple of things! Anyway that's the background.

My first dream I was in the bath and she jumped up on the side of it but I pushed her off then she caught me by surprise and jumped in and burning herself in the hot water I woke up just as I had managed to get her out.

Second dream she was on the chest of drawers but fell backwards cracking her back on the radiator just as I went to catch her and I woke up sitting bolt upright in a panic.

Third dream she was sitting underneath a table ( which was in my nans house, my nan died 9 years ago) with some bbq spare ribs on a magazine! She then rolled in all the bbq sauce. I then woke up again.

I know majority of dreams aren't literal but because she is so clumsy I'm worried the dreams are a warning about her.

If it was just any black cat I know I would be interpreting it differently but because it's Rosie I'm not.

Any thoughts would be great.
Thank you all:)
Brightest Blessings
Bluebell xx
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Re: Cat Dream

PostAuthor: Hazel » Wed Oct 10, 2012 8:44 pm

Hi Bluebell
Merry Meet, Dreams have become an interest to me recently as you will see from previous posts.

Firstly cats in dreams symbolize Power, Creativity,Sexuality,and independence.
in excess or lack depending on type of dream;
Any dream concerning a cat is normally about your own events and concerns. not that of the cat.
Reading from what you have written,
I believe that you have been going through some changes, seeing as the table at your Nans house is from nine years previous this is the point from which your warning stems from. Your cat being so accident prone both in reality and your dream is proof of one or more of the above symbols Lacking in your life, Maybe all it needed was to talk to someone about finding this path (wican Path), I think you have already started to heed the warning and change your life,
especially as the cat comes to no serious harm.

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Re: Cat Dream

PostAuthor: Bluebell » Thu Oct 11, 2012 8:45 am

Hi Hazel

Thank you very much for this, it's as if the penny has dropped. The other day I couldn't put my finger on when exactly I went off my witchy path, but looking back it started dwindling not long after my Nan died, also around the time a relationship finished.

Creatively that could mean 2 main things, firstly we want a family but the whole baby making thing so far hasn't worked which brings its own set of problems and secondly, I make jewellery but for quite a while now I seem to talk about it a lot but haven't actually made anything. I have felt blocked up until very recently. Thinking about it maybe they are both connected as far as blockages go (amazing how actually writing this down is making me realise what I need to work on!)

I also used to be very independent and wouldn't let anyone influence my beliefs and feelings but over recent years that changed and I hated that in me. BUT, after my visit to Glastonbury and Chalice Well there was definitely a "shift" and I feel like I'm back on the right path again and feeling more independent and less insecure about myself.

Thank you again Hazel, I really appreciate it. I'm going to post another dream I had last night which seemed very spiritual to me. If you have time I'd llove to hear your thoughts...

Brightest Blessings
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