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Do you have them? Can you help those who have questions about them? Post in here.


PostAuthor: Bluebell » Thu Oct 11, 2012 3:37 pm


I had a dream last night which to me felt very spiritual.

I was going fishing on a lake with somebody (it wasnt clear who they were, but it was a male presence - I also dont fish in real waking life!) in a dinghy, however, I somehow ended up on my own in a small rowing boat, whilst the other person was then fishing with 2 other men, only one of whom I recognised as someone i work with. I left them to their own devices while I floated on this beautiful lake. The next thing I know, there was a black dolphin underneath my boat, it was amazing, I felt very honoured, because it was following me everywhere I went on the lake, it wouldnt leave my side. There were a few small children scattered around pointing at it, but they were more in the background, I was just aware they were there. I continued to float on the lake feeling really happy and I floated over to the other side and the water was much more shallow, so my dolphin friend didnt venture too close to the shore, but I could see lots of brightly coloured fish of all different sizes and types, the main one that stood out was bright yellow. I then floated back to the slightly deeper water to chill out with the dolphin. The lake suddenly got a little choppy as if it was the sea and not a lake and pushed me towards the edge of the lake again. I had a paddle, but didnt want to use that incase i hit the dolphin with it by mistake. I used my hands as the paddle instead. Everything calmed down and it was lovely and tranquil again, but I still hadnt seen my Dolphins head properly. The next thing i knew, my Dolphin lifted his head but his head was like an Otter's and it transpired that the black Dolphin was actually half Dolphin and half Otter! I was quite shocked and momentarily scared because the otter had quite big teeth and little ears, but I was ok once the initial shock wore off. I then sort of woke up but was still dosey, but I felt compelled to ask their name, I was kind of hoping for or expecting maybe something a little spiritual, but the first name that came into my head was Terrence and my Dolphin/Otter animal was called a Dolphinotterus! I think the last part is possibly my over active imagination lol, but evenso, this dream felt quite symbolic.

I did a little research today and apart from the usual things that go with Dolphin symbolism, there is playfullness, which is also the main thing that came up with Otter symbolism. In one article i read, it actually mentioned the Otter and Dolphin in the same paragraph and how they are very similar with regards to playfullness....

So far I have taken from this dream that my more playful side needs to come out, its been a bit repressed lately, well for quite a while now actually. But if anyone has anymore insight, I would be really grateful...

Thank you all!
Brightest Blessings
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Re: Dolphin/Otter

PostAuthor: Hazel » Fri Oct 12, 2012 10:35 pm

Hi Bluebell

Well I found this very interesting,

Firstly you are right about the fun aspect of both Otter and Dolphin;

The lake represents movement, your life is changing or needs to change, the fact that you are drawn to the shore means that you are fighting the changes,
I am going to borrow an instance from your reply to the cats dream.

You really need to relax and unwind stop trying so hard, enjoy what you have push back in your mind your desperate wants for a while, they will happen but it can not while you are putting yourself under preasure,
Yes I am talking about the child you want,

I read this first and came to the conclusion above before reading the cats dream, what made me think is the fact that there were small children in the dream, the interesting thing is that you state you went fishing with a male presence and two other men and the three of them went in another boat, I think this presence is your Guide, the fishing is meant to be a relaxing past time, telling you you need to take time out and relax.

I hope this isn't to garbled, I write as things impressions come to me,

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Re: Dolphin/Otter

PostAuthor: Bluebell » Mon Oct 15, 2012 11:55 am

Hi Hazel

Thank you for letting me know what you think.

You are right about the baby stuff, although I have chilled out loads about it, but its feeling the pressure from everywhere else too (most of it probably my own paranoia).

That would be nice to think that was my guide. I think I need to start a dream diary again, because at the moment especially Im having some really bizarre dreams. There are a lot of animals figuring in them too. I had one about one living giraffe and one stuffed giraffe! Then I had one a bout a micro pig (which wasnt that micro) that was about to have identical twins.

I think in waking life Im spending too much time focusing on the future and not enough time in the present. I dreamt about my glasses (as in reading glasses/close up), being broken but the long distance glasses were fine. I saw this as me not being able to see what was right in front of me here and now, whilst looking at the future.

Brightest Blessings
Vicki xx
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